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When i was ten years old, i used to take a neighbour's adult GSD for walks & romp around in the park with him off leash. never had any problems walking him as a child, & absolutely no aggression or growling at me or at anyone else we met up with. i loved that dog & was heartbroken when my father put a stop to our outings. My husband had a GSD in the 70s & he still talks about what a wonderful boy Khan was. However, poor Khan was tragically killed on the road when a visitor accidently left a gate open when he was just eight months old. He said Khan was excellent with Obedience class, excellent on a leash, & got on great with other dogs (all GSD in his training class). He says he was an amazing dog. He was protective though & my DH recalls him growling at anybody who came to the house. Like yours, My DH wanted to add a GS to our family recently, as a playmate for your five month old GR boy, but I was never comfortable with the idea, particularly as he did not want another small puppy. I did look into it, but seemed to me that there were quite a few young adult GSD being given away free by the current home, & that concerned me. I would have been happier with a small puppy, though did not want to go through early pup stage so soon again. In the weeks I was looking, only one GR young adult was listed, so I think that says something for the Golden breed. In the end, we went for a Gordon Setter of seven months old, coming straight from the breeder ....the breed & same boy we had chosen to get before we got our goldie ...a long, but interesting story. This beautiful boy will join us tomorrow. Just a thought .....if your husband likes the look of the GSD, but you are worried about the temperament, why not think about adding a Leonburger puppy to your family? They have a similar colouring to the GSD, but they have the most Wonderful temperament & they are very big! We know people with a Leonburger & he is the most laid back, friendly guy, but very impressive in size, & I think that would be enough to scare anyone off who was intent upon mischief. The Leonburger is great with people, children & other pets & is very playful. Beautiful nature & looks majestic. I don't think there are any major health issues with he breed either. Some photos of the magnificent Leonburger below.
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Gwen_Dandridge (02-15-2013)
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I would not get a GSD. The breed has deteriated in MHO. I had a GSD which I got in 1969
and he lived 13 years. He was a great dog and I have good memories of him. But, he was too aggresive at certain times and I had to be careful. This was the beginning of the period when breeders started to go for the sloped back. And that is what has wrecked them. My dog was big and strong and wonderfully athletic. He had a good back up until about 2 years before he died. You don't see that kind of dog anymore. There are websites that show picture profiles of GSDs down through the years. Compare the GSDs from the 50s and 60s to present. I have even more to say but this is good enough.
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Wyatt Earp
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One of Wyatt's play dates is a beautiful 2 year old GS. He loves to retrieve tennis balls and is very sweet. He is just as kooky as Wyatt. I would have no problem getting a GS puppy.

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HolDaisy (12-27-2012)
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I need to backpedal. Yes, I think breeders wrecked the GSD breed, but, not intentionally.
Dog breeders as a whole are a good bunch of people and their goal is to improve their breed and they go to great lengths and expense to do so. I should have been clearer, sorry.
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We had a wonderful GSD when I was a child, one who would protect the family, but was completely trust worthy. I have met a few as an adult that have been wonderful, but more that are problematic in terms of temperament. If I were to get a GSD, I would spend a LOT of time with the parents to make sure I liked their temperaments.

My sister is on her second Shiloh Shepherd. Definitely not friendly like a Golden, but nice dogs. They are harder to find also, she lives in Las Vegas and her first one was from Texas and her second from Canada. Be warned, they don't live very long and have many of the same health issues (digestive) that GSDs have. Her first boy died at six from a type of leukemia.

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I just got my first golden and have never had a german shepherd. However I have known people to have them. The ones I've known have been great dogs. Very loyal and protective of their family. The ones I have known were older adults so they were not extreamly active, but did enjoy some play time and walks.
Someone mentioned that they dont show their what their temperment is like until about 6 months. Maybe if you do decide on one, find one that is a few months old and you can figure out if it will work for your family.
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I have raised two GSD's - they are VERY LOYAL to their owners, but it is a harder breed to own.

The negatives I had which was enough for me to switch breeds even though I loved my Zeus and Nikki:

1) When I owned my GSD's, I could not let my kids friends come over to play or anybody that had any type of fear for the breed or dogs in general.

2) I found many people afraid of them, even when mine was three months old! It made it very hard to socialize and take them out in public.

3) My homeowner's insurance did not cover them - listed as one of the top seven dangerous breeds. I had to go into a state pool insurance, which was more expensive, and then buy a binder covering them.

4) Owners of GSD should be very experienced. Should never be first dog.

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Back in my teens, when I was working at a boarding facility, I was attacked by a group of three GSD. Shook me up something fierce. Now, it's hard for me to trust them. I know each dog is an individual, but its still hard to not get nervous or anxious around them. Also been attacked by a shar-pei and a Chow. Don't like those breeds either.

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I honestly believe before you consider any breed you first stop and have a complete soul searching of your actual family life, how much time you devote to your home, your outside activities, how many times a year you meet with others not only in your home, but out in the countryside. Really, write this down and look at it for weeks. Be as honest as you can. Certain breeds were developed to fit almost any lifestyle you have, but to be fair to yourselves and the potential animal you must see first if what this dog was developed for would be good in your lifestyle. Though most of our working breeds, no longer work, they still carry the genes to do what they were bred to do. Next I would find a good breeder and be totally honest with them. Go over and spend time with her males/females. The mother dog is the one who can imprint a lot of her personality to her babes, so you would want her to be a good representative of what characteristics you want most. If you check, you will find most police departments get their dogs from certain kennels because the temperment and early training is what they want/need for the work the dog must eventually learn to do. Guide dogs come from 3 major kennels across the country for the same reason, the parents were trained and the kennel starts early training for guiding the sighted impared. The kennel you pick will have a lot to do with the early genetics of what your dog can become with continued training.

Just be very cautious when looking at a breed if you live in town. Many towns now have lists of dogs that require more home insurance, a higher and more sturdy fense. Some towns I read about are even having people who own a more fighting or protective breed sign waivers of full responibility for the lifetime of the dog (if it remains in the town) where any and all damage or injuries will be paid for by the owners of the dogs. Can be very expensive. My town has this in consideration and will probably pass when it comes to voting time.

A German Shepherd in the right hands can be a wonderful dog. It is one of the smartest and I understand one who is very loyal, but the only ones I have seen are at our Police academy or at shows where they have the side yard used for training the dogs for attack or search. Amazing to watch these dogs in action, but the dogs are watched by spotters and very monitored/handlers very wise. With this said, a GSD would not fit our outgoing country lifestyle. With all the people coming and going, all the dogs they bring, our home would not offer the intense job everyday I think this breed would need to stay happy and well rounded. We need/want dogs who think the world is for them, happy and clownish and a good neighbor. Our goldens fit this and yet when people arrive, if the two are in the yard, they will bark to alert us to a new arrival. This is enough for us.

For you, you must make the decision if you can provide what this dog would need and make your decision from not only your heart, but your head.

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I love GSD,most of all,the long-hair version!.
Use to take care of a couple that were wonderful but they need to be keptphysically and mentally busy.
Lots of human and dog socialization will turn it,into a wonderful dog.
They do not love every-one and everything like the golden but they can be sociable if trained propally.You,also, need to know that they can be gender aggressive.
Getting it from a good breeder is a must.
I would have one in a heartbeat but my DH is not crazy,about them.
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