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Exclamation Does anyone have a nice dog!!!

Hi, all I read on this forum is about Devil Dog's Hounds from Hell!!! I am really starting to wonder if I did the right thing purchasing a Golden. I am ready to sell him!!! He is pretty good now but, all these problems makes me worry. Good God, all the biting and bad behavior makes you wonder??? What did I get myself into??? So, please does anyone have good stories?? Ugh..... Spent a good buck on my dog and hate to take a loss but, I am nervous. Please some good stories might help!
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It's just the puppy stage! I have had adult Goldens and they are sweet and loving, loyal and goofy. IMO they are the best breed to own! Don't let our silly moaning scare you, it's like having a tough day with a toddler, you let off steam and start new the next day but you keep the kid
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I have the very best dog in the world! She was super energetic in her 1st year but now she's more relaxed. I exercise her a lot...

She is all good will and love. Any fault of hers you can blame on me.

SHE is perfect. She is a rescue and was 4 1/2 months when I got her.

Hang in there. They are so worth it. Half of my heart beats in her chest.
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A tired puppy is a happy puppy. The secret to having a great dog is lots of exercise. I mean lots! Also getting into obedience classes make a huge difference.
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Helo is my third golden. I've had them since 1980 and they are by far my favorite breed. I've had Helo for a year and a half now. I got him from a golden retriever rescue and have no idea how old he is but I'm guessing 7 or 8. He is a wonderful dog. He's funny and silly and loves attention. He wants to be wherever I am, like right now he's sitting at my feet in the computer room and if I get up and go to the kitchen he will follow me in there. He's always happy and when I come home from work he's excited and acts like he hasn't seen me in a week and is wiggly and smiley. He loves everyone and all other dogs. He doesn't jump on people but he does like to enthusiastically sniff other dogs which they sometimes take offense to. Helo isn't a "talker" but my heart dog, Leo, was and listening to his noises and grunts and woo woo woos just melted my heart. I am so happy I got video of him "talking" just a week before he passed away. I treasure that so much. I'd have to say 95% of having a golden retriever is total bliss. I'm really sorry you feel there are so many negative stories here. The puppy phase is challenging (hence the reason I rescued an adult this time) but it is also very rewarding and fun. I don't think there's anything cuter than a golden retriever puppy. Helo has his quirks (counter surfing and eating anything plastic are two) but if I keep stuff out of his reach there are no problems. He also has a few health problems but those are kept in check and he's a very sweet, loving dog who makes my life happier and much more fun. How old is your dog? I'd love to see pictures of him.

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Don't sell him just yet. I have the hounds from heaven. I have 5 goldens. The oldest is 6 and the youngest 5 months. I don't post much because people don't respond too much to good dog posts but everyone wants to help with the hounds from hell.
I won't tell you that it is easy. All of my dogs are trained and all of them know what is expected of them. Quite honestly, once you have one dog trained, that dog always helps to train the younger ones.
The only advise that I have, is decide what you will and will not accept for behaviors and then train for those behaviors. If you don't want a 70 lb adult dog jumping on people, then don't allow your pup to jump on people. Don't let the cute puppy face fool you. A lot of people don't start training until the pup starts growing up and misbehaving. It is much easier to train them now than to train them later. Enroll in some puppy classes and enjoy your pup.
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My Golden, Yukon is literally the best behaved dog I've ever had. I was leaving him alone un crated in the house at 3 months old (he in now 8 months) and he never chewed on anything or made messes. He was/is so smart and has been a JOY to train.

I was lucky with not having to deal with puppy stage or teething stuff but those that do have great advice on how to deal with it. I literally have zero horror stories. Yukon was a rescue but how I wish I could have known his parents and I would get another puppy from them because he's so great. It's like he came with manners and a natural obedience. I couldn't be more pleased with him.

I'm sure some of it has to do with the breed but I think he mostly has a great temperament and personality. The first day I had him I was carrying him with me through my college campus and a lady stopped me because he was cute and I let her hold him and play with him for a minute and she just kept saying, "What a lovely temperament he has, what a lovely dog!" and then she asked me who my breeder was and had her phone out like as soon as I told her she was going to call! I unfortunately had to tell her he was a rescue and I got him at the local pound and she rushed off to see if any more from his litter were still there! Sorry, but I love to brag on how great my boy is.

I would suggest this breed of course but I would also encourage you to ask about or experience a puppy's parents before buying them and get all the stories you can about them. Many times the parents pass on their temperaments and sometimes its how the puppies where raised.

Most of the troubles, I agree, come in the puppy stage and pass. And when they do mess up they learn and it can make for an entertaining story later on. Remember that no dog will be perfect and they are bound to mess up sometimes, just like a child would. Good luck! And don't let the puppy craziness deter you from this wonderful breed!

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Originally Posted by Ithaca View Post
They are so worth it. Half of my heart beats in her chest.
<3 Very well said. I totally agree :-)

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Out first golden was truly wonderful. She came into our home from a BYB at 6.5 weeks and settled in like she had just waited to be asked to come home. She was always wonderful.

Our current golden is from a reputable breeder of field goldens. She gave us cause for reflection for the first two weeks (okay, it was a long two weeks). We exercised her a bunch and it was never enough. She is now eight months old and the delight of both of us. She passed CGC at 4.5 months. She is always the star of every training class we take and we have been in six or seven now.

She is all the things a golden should be, smart, loyal, fun and affectionate (and, of course, drop dead gorgeous. )

I worried also during the first few months, for while she was improving daily, there were challenges that worried me. Even more so after reading the posts on here.

I do believe there are a few goldens (very few) that are very difficult. You probably don't have one of those.

Maddie chewed my furniture, attacked my husband and didn't seem very, well, goldenish. She actually barked at us (something Amber would never have done).

I learned to work with her. She's much more confident then Amber ever was. This makes her a better dog in some ways.

It just takes getting used to a new personality that is changing by the day. Your dog is going to grow up to be a golden not a pitbull or a toy poodle. She/he will be a wonderful companion and loving pet. It just may take a few months to get there.

As everyone says, make sure your pup is getting lots of exercise, that you socialize her and that your make very, very sure they (and you) get puppy training.

Your dog will be great!!!!

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My hell hound is sick tonight and quiet and sad looking. I miss hell hound dog. Actually first 8 months were bad, but she is turning into a good dog. Another year and she will be great.

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