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You know, Mosby is a crazy, energetic, lively goon, but I have never once thought he was a bad dog. As a puppy, he never once destroyed anything, chewed on something that wasn't his; he never was a nippy, bitey puppy (granted, we work from home and supervise him constantly, and we worked on soft mouth exercises from the beginning). Even when he hit teenage-dom, he didn't start pulling at the leash, biting at the leash; he didn't start chewing then or marking in the house. The only real thing that he did was stop listening to us (like a typical human teenager) - we'd ask him to "sit", and he'd turn his head away as if to say "I can't hear you".

Yes, if you take him near water all manners go out the window and he pulls and yells and screams to go swimming. Yes, he has strong prey drive and can't help but chase all the rabbits out of our yard. Yes, he will 50% of the time try and jump up to greet someone (it used to be 100%) - but this is our fault as we let him jump on us. But with the proper training and exercise he is becoming the most amazing dog I could ever ask for.
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I didn't read the whole thread, so apologies if someone already said this, but remember people often come to internet forums, or search online, because they are having issues. So I think you see a more than average representation of problem dogs. Also, no one really posts on a frequent basis, "gee my dog is great, he didn't do anything wrong today".
I have wonderful, well trained goldens.

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I agree, nobody posts about how great their dogs are.
All my Goldens have been great dogs and each one of them turned out to be my heartdog. I think I get attached more and more with each dog.
No complaints here, none of mine have ever been a devil dog.
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We have had 6 goldens over the years and some of our puppy days were harder than others BUT the results after getting through those days were wonderful beyond belief. The love, the loyalty, the patience they gave is amazing. I spent many hours in classrooms and hospitals while they spread they love to others. They snuggled and played and brought smiles to my face in the time of need. There is no other love like a golden. We have been so many places with Gambler recently where people walk over to us just to compliment us on how well behaved he is. He makes me proud. I imagine we could hear hundreds of happy great stories about our goldens.

Dis is da Gussee an angels BoBo, Emmikins and Gamboi

"What we have enjoyed we never lose. All that we loved deeply becomes a part of us." Helen Keller
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At present I have three nice dogs. In fact all of my goldens have been nice. But I will say my youngest, Tugg has been the biggest challenge so far. He is far more dog than I bargained for. I was hoping he would get some of his Daddy's mellowness and laid back temperament. The field part of his pedigree is evident in his activity level, drive, and his looks. He does love all other dogs and every person he has met, but is an extremely high energy dog who definitely needs a job or he finds himself something to do, and not always good things. He is now one, has tremendous potential, and I do think is starting, at least a little bit to settle down. I think with time and maturity he will be eventually calm down. I will say our obedience instructor, a very experienced multiple Otch competitor, and a great teacher, looked at me once when she she was working with him for me in one of our private lessons, and said, wow, he is one tough dog. Yes, he is.
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You always hear of the worst of things... and the best of things are not often spoken of. My Lola who is now two is the most sweet gentle loving smart dog I have ever owned. Not a bad bone in her body! She never chews things up, never messes in the house, and does not bark or dig. I can not think of one thing she does that is wrong at all. Mind you this is my first golden. I have had other dogs who had issues who were not goldens. We adopted Lola at 11 months and even then she was just wonderful! Had a little issue with jumping up on us at first.. but with gentle correction she no longer does that.
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Tess and Liza

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I have two very nice dogs. Tess, my three year old, was a biting machine as a pup. The first puppy class we took her to, I was covered in scratches and bruises up to my elbows. Training helps! I took her to lot of obedience and agility classes, which she really enjoyed. Now she is a therapy dog. And little Liza still is a work in progress. She has her moments, but usually she is a silly, sweet Golden puppy, very vocal and very attached to us.
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Bridget just turned a year in November, and let me tell you...some days I had my doubts...especially on the days when I got bit and bled

But now, she's starting to settle, she's in a routine.....

SOOO glad I stuck it out..........although I never ever would have gotten rid of her, I'm just not that type.

I always think of how awful and heartbreaking it would be for a dog to be re-homed after they love you.

Stick it out, it gets better.
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Through all the trials and tribulations with my boy Bear, I wouldn't trade it for the world! Each day it seems something gets easier and better. Sure, we have our setbacks, but my love for him knows no bounds. He is 100% "my" dog. Obeys me 98% of the time, trains extremely easy, is an example dog in class more often then not, and follows me around adoring me. It's rather odd for me to say adoring but I have no other way to describe it. He'll lay down, face the same way as I am and lean his head back to just stare at me. His eyes will glisten and his tail with slowly thump and the minute I say "I love you" he's on his feet giving me kisses.

The happy and frustrated moments during puppyhood help you get to the fantastic moments in adulthood. You have to work to unearth the diamond in the rough.

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Originally Posted by cgriffin View Post
I agree, nobody posts about how great their dogs are.
All my Goldens have been great dogs and each one of them turned out to be my heartdog. I think I get attached more and more with each dog.
No complaints here, none of mine have ever been a devil dog.
I would love to post all day about how great each of my goldens is, but am afraid it would sound like bragging!

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