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Hahahaha oh man we went through days like that. Worst dog in the world award could have gone to Kallie a few times (and by a few, I mean more than a few)...but honestly I don't think anyone in our family would trade a day in the world. She has been there for us through the toughest of times. She listens, cares, and loves unconditionally. I think she has taught us more than we could have ever have taught her (patience among everything else...). I say don't give up yet! Goldens are honestly the best dogs in the world. I can never see myself without one!
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im sure our own parents must have thought the same thing once or twice while we were growing up .

puppyhood can be a bumpy ride with good days and bad days. i say hold on tight and try to enjoy the ride! Their antics dont last forever. Be consistent, patient and train, train, train.
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At five months old, Loki is quite the most beautiful GR puppy. I was so proud when my vet was totally smitten with him this morning, & said he had the true Golden temperament .....well-behaved & smoochy. I can honestly say that he is a polite boy, easy to live with, great with strange dogs & people. As a younger puppy, he had some issues ....a bit of teething mouthing, some jealousy of an older dog, & a few zoomies round the lounge in the evening. We dealt with each issue quickly, before it got out of hand or became a habit. We are very firm with any show of bad behaviour, but we give a lot of cuddles, love & praise. Loki is a very laid back boy, who actually does not require a lot of exercise. He loves snoozing at my feet in between short walks, romps in the park, games of fetch, or splashing about in his pools in the garden. He is totally gorgeous, & I would not change a thing about him ...I have even found myself thinking of adding another golden in another two or three years ....maybe a rescue or a retired breeder. This forum is great for people with concerns, to get advise from more experienced Golden owners. That is why you will see lots of posts that might seem negative about the breed. But most breeds have issues & puppies are like young children ...they are constantly exploring, pushing boundaries, learning. I used to have Maremmas ...stunning dogs with lovely temperaments, but huge barking issues. My mother used to tell all her children that anything worthwhile was worth the hard work, & I think anyone on this forum with an adult Golden, will support that. You only have to look at the team of Goldens who have gone into Conneticutt to give solace to the grieving people there. One day, I hope to do Therapy work with Loki. Enjoy your fur baby. He'll grow up quickly, & then you will have many yers of unconditional love, devotion & loyalty.
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I really hope this was okay, but this is a quote from another post in the therapy dog section of the forum. It is really a heartbreaking and truly amazing post from Inge, or Tessa and Liza. I had to share it to this thread as really gives you another perspective.

Originally Posted by inge View Post
I wasn't quite sure how to do it, being on my the end I just parked my car and we walked up to the memorial site near the river, and later to the memorial site at the entrance of the school road. It is difficult to describe what is was like. We were needed...Tess went up to people on her own, nuzzling their hands, staying at their side, looking up to them with her big brown eyes...she just did everything on her own, even went up to the State troopers.
There were more Goldens, I saw a few of the Chicago dogs, huge Berners, tiny pugs, and all of them doing a great job. In the end you don't even notice the camera's anymore, it's just the people and your dog. It is so impressive to be there, I can't even describe it. We will go back tomorrow, and certainly on Friday, when it is a week ago this horrible thing happened.
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People find the forum for various reasons, but mostly when things are wrong and we need suggestions from others more learned than we to help, so many of the post sound negative. As you are on here a while you start to see past this. You see families who love their dog so much, want to bring that pup into a full and satisfying adulthood. You see the love of the people here, not only for our breed but each other. It is more than a forum, it is a family.

Yes, we need to post more of the good times and actually the posts are there, but the "family" forum here is the best and always here. Caring, loving, offering what help they can to get you past your delema. They are here when it is calm too, when you need a shoulder or when you need to talk of your acomplishments. As in any family each of us has trying days with our pups, when adults, not so much, but it means we care to change this behavior, we come to ask how. Not many other forums have such caring and loving people, most are quite blunt and rude. Not here! Here you can learn, you can whine and know someone will comfort or advise. Good place and truly fantastic people.

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I want to surround myself with people who are "Cracked" for they are the ones that let the Sun Shine in.
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Our Rocky is 3 months. He is completely potty trained and only lasted about 2 weeks in a pen in my daughter's room. He uses the pads. For some reason, he prefers napping and sleeping in the garage! Our garage is a play room with couches and arcade games, pool table and I just leave that door open and he will disappear and go nap/sleep in there. I'm home all day I assume it's the only place that is quiet and mommy isn't cleaning.

He loves playing in the back yard. He walks great on the leash and he loves to be trained. He will run to me and sit. Follow me and sit. I know it's because he wants to train to get his small 'treats'. He knows where I keep the broom that he loves to chase. He loves to be brushed, which I do 2 times a day. He acts like he's going to bite the brush but just gets all relaxed and one of my favorite times I spend with him is brushing telling him how much I love him.

I'll leave the shower door open because he loves to go in there and he barks at the drain. When he's quiet, I go looking for him because I know he has 'something'. And there he goes - mommy's no fun, she takes things from me. Although he's not in a crate/pen, we have so many gates up it looks like we have a toddler. My living room/dining room are gated. Stairs, office, family room, gated. My son came home from college this week and learned quickly why we keep the bathroom door closed -- he had to clean up the toilet paper mess LOL

Last Saturday, we gave him a bath, he was so fluffy and beautiful. We took him to local outdoor mall by the ice rink and ferris wheel and we couldn't get 5 feet. He was just adored and people just came and pet him. Big guys, teen agers, lots of kids, toddlers. It was so heartwarming, and seemed after that past Friday, it was very appreciated and many parents thanked us! His dad is a therapy dog. So there was Rocky, letting everyone pet him, rolling over, ohhing and awing. He just soaked it up. And the conversations we had with other Golden owners were nonstop. Everyone was taking pictures of him, him and their kids, etc. Even the valet guy came over and told me he grew up with 3 Goldens and petted him and said "he has his puppy bump on his head". Everyone asked "can I pet him?" We walked buy a restuarant and had people come out to see him. It was incredible. Had tons of people ask me for the breeders number. They couldn't believe how calm, gentle and he is just so adorable and a big huge soft fur ball.

I don't know, we lost our lab in July and maybe it's just us, after losing Max we were devastated. Rocky seems to be a gift from heaven.

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I have a 6 month boy...he is my first golden and I wouldn't trade him for the anything they take some effort and there are little hiccups, but these dogs are eager to please and easy to train...provided you put in some effort, and i'm not talking anything unreasonable,you will see improvement in behavior every week....the benefits of owning a golden definitely out weigh any little annoying habits they have as pups

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My golden Tally is a dream dog, and has been since puppyhood. He is honest, attentive, playful, bright, healthy, easy to train and easy to love! I have owned 11 goldens, and all have been wonderful dogs who credit the breed except one who took a ton of work but then became a true golden. I think sometimes a golden is not the right fit for some owners rather than the dog being a hell hound.

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Jack is a wonderfull,loving ,sweet dog.Sweetie had a rough start to life and has now"come out of her shell" she's still a pup at 10 months but she has never had the land shark phase although she is still always wanting food & will surf if not watched also shoes have to be watched.But there has never been a more loving dog after I get her some exercise.I agree plenty of exercise helps alot.Don't get me wrong about a year & 1/2 ago I was the one on here begging for help.Now I just brag too much!You'll be rewarded for your hard work trust us

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I have two fantastic dogs, both are Rescues that I adopted at the age of two. One came from a GR Rescue and the other from my County Humane Society.

The each had a few issues but we were able to work through them. They are both wonderful, loving, sweet and gentle family members. We are very lucky to be able to share our life with them.
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