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Smooch and Tucker

Both of my Goldens have been rescued.
We rescued Smooch from Golden Opportunities Golden Ret. Rescue in 1999 when she was 16 months old. She was the best Golden Girl ever! We had to let Smooch go to the Rainbow Bridge on Dec. 7, 2010. We adopted Tucker from the Golden Ret. Forum. His family had to find him a new home and Ken and I took Tonka to meet him and adopted him on the spot. Tucker is a very special, loving, Golden Retriever, just as Smooch was!!
You can read Tucker's story here:

http://www.goldenretrieverforum.com/...portunity.html (Adoption Opportunity)

The second picture is Smooch and the first picture is Tucker, swimming with Tonka.
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Tucker, Tonka, and Karen

SNOBEAR at the Bridge
Dec. 23, 1999-March 27, 2010

SMOOCH at the Bridge.
Feb. 14, 1999-Dec. 7, 2010
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These stories are all wonderful...thank you for sharing. The one common thread I see running through them all is that there were absolutly no regrets in having adopted / rescued your dogs. They're all so special and are able to give back in ways we never dreamed of. I thoroughly enjoy reading all your stories...please keep them coming. Maybe, just maybe, the need to rescue dogs will become a thing of the past...wouldn't that be nice.


Sonny, the black lab, ran ahead to make sure there were no gophers or jackrabbits in the way. If you don't give a dog a specific job, he'll improvise one for himself and it will invariably be fun. There's a lesson there.

John Gierach
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No Regrets

No regrets at all in adopting whether from a shelter, a purebred rescue, or from a person!! Rescue dogs are wonderful and are eternally grateful-they are so LOVING! I WILL always adopt/rescue!

Tucker, Tonka, and Karen

SNOBEAR at the Bridge
Dec. 23, 1999-March 27, 2010

SMOOCH at the Bridge.
Feb. 14, 1999-Dec. 7, 2010
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Our younger daughter took one of the Akita/Golden mixes from a litter my mom's Golden had back in 1993. Annie was a great dog, but died from bladder cancer back in 2001. I was distraught and was looking online for another Akita/GR mix when I finally convinced my wife to let her Shi-tzu go. He was 16 years old, blind, incontinent, deaf, and an evil-mean little ******* with bad kidneys and no control over his spincter. (poop just fell out when he walked)

Well, wife snuck up on me when I was looking at the Tenn Valley Golden Retriever Rescue site and pointed at a picture and said, "Thats the one we want." A little gold fluffball that was found in a coal shed with her momma and 7 siblings. All had distemper and were being treated. We adopted her in May 2001 (the last TVGRR adoption in Memphis) and she was a great dog. Turns out that she was most probably a NSDTR. She would sleep on my chest if I dozed off in my recliner. Played fetch all day with short tosses. In april 2009 she was diagnosed with Mast Cell. With a special diet and suppliments, and vinoblastin chemo, she had a great life until April 2011. When it was time, we both knew it and we both cryed as she went to The Bridge.

The house was just so QUIET, so I was looking online again and saw this blonde, curly, skinny Golden that was an owner surrender to a kill shelter in KY, but had been rescued the day before being put down by Middle Tenn Golden Retriever Rescue. We drove up from MEM to Nashville on Memorial Day 2011 to meet and visit with 2 dogs. The first hated men. And the second, Daisy May, ran across the room and jumped on my wife's lap. She said, "This is the one we want." And so it was. After we adopted her, we received a bunch of paperwork including the shelter surrender paperwork. Owners name and address was redacted. Under "Breed" was, "pure bred Golden Retriever". And under "DOB" was "9-16-2009". She had been neglected and backyard kept to the point that her belly and her hind legs and butt and tail had to be shaved because they were so matted and nasty. On her first visit to our vet , they scanned her and discovered that she had an AKC supplied chip, of the type provided to breeders. The chip was never registered to an owner. I suspect that she was a Christmas gift in Dec 2009 to some kid that quickly lost interest, or the parent(s) got fed up with the chewed up stuff in the house, and she was relegated to the life of a back yard dog until sometime in the spring of 2011 when someone took her to the pound. Once we got her home, she was so regal in her bearing that we knew that she was royalty, so she went from "Daisy May" to "Princess Daisy". She now rules over vast rhelms, estates and protectorates. Her adventures are posted over on the "Fur All Dawgies Only" thread. Yes, we are one of "those" people. A dog people.

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Ivory, at The Bridge 2-1-2001 to 4-26-2011

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What a coincidence, my Daisy gets called Daisy May

She was the first ever pet, let alone the first ever dog, for a family with three kids. But they didn't know how to handle her, what to teach her, so she had become an uncontrollable nightmare.

She had been loved, cuddled by the kids, and physically cared for. I don't think she'd had much peace or a quiet place. She didn't respond to her name, was so difficult on a lead that I think she can't ever really have been out on it. Some of her responses make me think someone got frustrated and angry with her at times.

We have worked on the extreme resource guarding, are winning with walking on a lead, and are working on a recall, responding to her name, and not chasing cats/chickens/ducks/geese........ And having lots of games and cuddles along the way

<a href=http://s85.photobucket.com/albums/k70/jaykayg/?action=view&current=7bac523c1198bdea68603c4eadbd5e47_zps7f09cea7.jpg target=_blank><a href=http://i85.photobucket.com/albums/k70/jaykayg/th_7bac523c1198bdea68603c4eadbd5e47_zps7f09cea7.jpg target=_blank>http://i85.photobucket.com/albums/k7...ps7f09cea7.jpg</a></a>
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I miss my Buddy
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This morning with temperature "feels like -40C" fighting with my Charlie to stay in, he knows he will get out and 5 minutes later will be in warmed up with my hugs, I was thinking of all of those who spend nights outside curled up to stay warm with no one to hug hours later. Then I remembered this thread and those beautiful stories posted here.
It has been long time since last post was written, I know we have many with hearts good as gold who joined to this forum in the meantime and never told us their rescue story. Would love to see this thread going on, please share your rescue story.

9 & half short years in my life but forever in my heart http://www.goldenretrieverforum.com/...-my-buddy.html
"He took my heart and ran with it, and I hope he's running still, fast and strong, a piece of my heart bound up with his forever" - Patricia McConnell

Charlie could watch birds for hours and I could watch Charlie for hours too http://www.goldenretrieverforum.com/...n-morning.html
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Buddy'sMomForever, thanks for bringing this thread back up.
Reading through it, I realized I've never posted about my two Rescues/Adopted Goldens.

Roxy is a former Breeder girl, I adopted her through CFGRR. She was only two when she had been turned into a surrounding County's High Kill Shelter by the owner. She wouldn't breed, most likely due to her being in such poor health. She had Stage 3 Heartworms, when she was spayed, the Vet found her ovaries all infected and she had apparently been given a C section one time by the previous owner.

A volunteer from the Shelter contacted CFGRR and she was taken into their program.

I did a Foster to adopt of her while she received the Heartworm treatments over a 4 month period. When she finished her treatments and was cleared medically, we officially adopted her. She has been with us 9 years now and turned 10 in Dec. 2014.

She had been abused both physically and verbally, she had not been socialized. She had never been in a house, touched grass-she spent her first two years in a cage/kennel, never been in car. She was a HUGE challenge, we weren't even sure if we were going to be able to help her learn to forgive, trust or love a human. It took many months of lots of patience to get her where she is today. She's an absolute sweetheart and it was worth every second it took.

I found Remy at my County Humane Society and adopted him after we lost our Bridge boy in Feb. 2011 at the age of 15.5.

Remy was a stray, he was 2 maybe, not sure of his exact age. He was underweight by 15-20 lbs. He had belonged to someone at some point in time because he knew basic commands. Remy has been with us 4 years now and turns 6 in a few weeks. He's been the easiest dog I've ever had.

You can read his story and see pics of them both here-


LOVE my Rescues, I'd do it over again in a heartbeat!

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Seeing this thread I realize I have been remiss in posting Joseph's story.
I first saw Joseph's story on a Animal Rescue Transfer site, a group who pulls dogs who are at risk of being euthanized from shelters and arranges transport to where ever those dogs have found safe haven. Joseph was about one year old, a black lab who had been found as a stray. Joseph had been roaming a neighbourhood, alone and afraid, barking in terror at people to keep them away, keep himself safe. Animal services was called, they managed to corner him and had to sedate him to rescue him. Once 'safe' at the shelter, his fear of people continued, barking and growling if anyone appeared, he was deemed unsafe to be adopted out, his only chance was to go to a rescue that would commit to getting him the help he needed. Seeing his story, I contacted the rescue I was fostering with and they agreed to pull him for me - to foster - he was going to get his 'chance'.
Joseph finally arrived, after a long journey, terrified he sat silent at the back of the crate, unwilling to come out, hesitant to see what the world held for him. It took a while to convince him it was okay, and he slowly emerged from the dark of the crate, one look into his eyes told the whole story, tired and worn, alone and afraid, he sat quietly as I rubbed his neck. As Joseph settled in and we got to know him better, he was a bit rough and rowdy, but, we could forgive him that, he deserved a chance. After about a week I took him out for a walk and got the surprise of my life, on spotting another dog, Joseph launched into a frenzy of barking, growling and lunging at the end of the leash, terrified what this meant, terrified he was 'too much' for us, we would have to send him back to meet an unknown fate - my heart broke. We took him to have him a assessed by a certified canine behaviorist - 'He is afraid of the world' she said 'new people and dogs terrify him, but he can be helped, if you can commit to it. And, I am here for you if you choose to do that for him.' Knowing we couldn't send him back, knowing that no one else would want him, we made the commitment to help him and after nine months as a 'foster' we adopted him four years ago.
Joseph has come a long ways since then, brilliant beyond imagination, eager to learn, willing to love and trust, giving his whole heart, surprising us with the things that he does, amusing us with is antics, happy to be alive, happy to have been given a chance, he is not the same dog, he is an absolute treasure. It hasn't always been 'easy', but we have no regrets, no wishing we hadn't committed to him, every moment of 'work' has been paid back a thousand fold an more. To get up every morning greeted by those big brown eyes eager to see what the day will bring, nothing can compare with the love that he shares and the honor and privilege of giving him a chance at life and sharing our lives with him.
They come into our lives to teach, to open our eyes, open our hearts and help us learn life lessons from those who know them well.
Thank you Joseph, you have taught us a lot, we hope we have learned your lessons well.

'Don't pity the rescue dog. Adopt one. And be proud to have their greatness by your side.'
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This is a great thread! Jacks story is easy I found him on CL after we lost our bridge dog Sailor two years earlier & my wifes heart dog 4 years before that. Barb said she couldn't handle loving & losing again but when I showed her Jacks pic she agreed to go look. The folks had purchased him and decided after 2 weeks they couldn't handle a Golden puppy so they put him on CL. We brought him home at 11 weeks old. He was never mistreated just spent most of his time in a create.
Sweetie was found on CL by someone(very special someone) on GRF she was 8 months old & weighed 23 lbs. she was very sick & afraid & the vet had us hand feed her rice & hamburger for a week before he would even see her again. She is now fearless with nothing but love for everything & everyone. Jack may be my heart dog but Sweetie is my pride & joy! A true testament to what love can do.

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When my husband and I were first married and had a house we decided we wanted to fence our yard and get a dog. One day we were working in a nearby city when a man and his young daughter were walking a fluffy dog. They had found the dog and were looking for a home for him. My husband saw him and said, we'll take him. He was a Malamute Golden cross (we think). We named him Cheyenne and he spent 15 years with us.

Our next dog (two months later) we were camping and an emaciated mangy beagle came up to us. Upon inquiry, he was a stray. We took him home, named him Ralph. Our Vet said Do Not Spend a Dime on this dog. We said that was not an option and we had Ralph for 15 years.

Our third dog was a yellow lab corgi cross. My brother called me from a pet store where he was working letting me know that there was a tiny Puppy dropped off there. We found out from our vet that she was 4 or 5 weeks old and had a huge case of roundworms. Again the vet cautioned us that she probably would not live. Daisy Mae lived 16.5 great years.

I was on CL one day and saw a very cute dog. I emailed the owner and the pup had been picked up by a shelter. We adopted him and named him Sonny. Sonny is a very happy healthy 6 year old.

Our youngest pup came from a breede. His name is Seamus and he is a purebred Golden.

We love our dogs!
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