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I rescued Max (seems to be a Golden/Setter mix) from death row a few months back. I volunteer at the local SPCA and have been wanting another dog for awhile. I scan ALL the breed profiles everytime before I get another dog - and I ALWAYS come back to the Golden. I don't know why I even bother looking at other breeds any more.

I found him on-line at a local kill shelter in the a.m., went to visit and took my other Golden (Maddie) up to visit, and came home with him in the p.m. He is one of those dogs that like to lean on you. I sat down, he came over, leaned up against me and stared into my eyes. I was hooked.

Don't know his history. He was very dirty, thin, lacked a lot of muscle mass, had a skin infection. Didn't matter.


From "Marley and Me" - " A dog has no use for fancy cars, big homes, or designer clothes. A water logged stick will do just fine. A dog doesn't care if your rich or poor, clever or dull, smart or dumb. Give him your heart and he'll give you his. How many people can you say that about?..."

1) Jewel - gone from this world
2) Maddie - the current princess (orange one)
3) Max - my goofy rescue (cream one)
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I have had 3 golden retrievers: Jake (1980-1992), Leo (1998-2010) and Helo. Jake and Leo were puppies when I got them but I decided I wanted an adult dog this time. I adopted Helo in May 2011 from Companion Golden Retriever Rescue in Utah. My son's chocolate lab, Zoe, had been living with me while he was in college and he graduated and found an apt. that would let him have a dog so he was taking her. That meant it would be just me and Marilyn (my 6 year old lab mix who looks like a black golden retriever). It's impossible for me to have just ONE dog so I looked at CGRR's web site and sent in an application. My house is just so empty without a golden retriever. A couple of weeks later Deb contacted me and told me about Helo. He had been picked up as a stray by animal control. When no one claimed him they called her and she took him to her rescue. He went to the vet for a checkup and they discovered he was hypothyroid plus he had a couple of seizures so he was put on medication and then was ready for adoption. Both Leo and Zoe had been on thyroid pills and it was no big deal. I figured I could also deal with seizures. I met Helo and of course I fell in love with the big lug. He's so happy go lucky and charming. I brought Zoe and Marilyn to meet him and much to my surprise, Marilyn didn't like him! She always gets along with every dog she's ever met. She wouldn't let him sniff her or get near her. She'd growl at him and run to me for reassurance. It didn't bother Helo one bit. He'd just back off and go about his business. Very patient and easy going. Knowing Marilyn, I was confident she would get used to him and be fine in time so we brought him home. It took her about 2 months but she adjusted and now she grooms him (ears and eyes) just like she did with Zoe and Leo.

After Helo came to live with me he had 2 seizures at night every 2 or 3 weeks. The Vet had me increase his phenobarb each time. Finally on Aug. 16 he had 5 seizures in 12 hours and I was very worried. He would get so anxious and muddled after a seizure. I took him to another vet for a second opinion. We checked his phenobarb level and it was in the therapeutic range so this vet suggested adding potassium bromide which he'd had good luck with in stopping seizures in dogs. Happily it has been a miracle drug and Helo has been seizure free since he started taking it - nearly 9 weeks now!! He is more alert and spunky and I'm just thrilled beyond words! Helo is about 7 years old and I cannot imagine why his owner didn't look for him when he was lost! He is such a character. One night I went to yoga and when I came home I found a full bottle of wine on the living room floor! He had gotten it out of a wine rack on the counter in the kitchen and carried it in the other room! That is a very heavy bottle. I wish I had seen that! He can also get a half full glass of water off the counter without spilling it! Needless to say all food has to be put out of reach when I'm not home. He likes to carry shoes and socks around the house if no stuffed animals are available but he doesn't chew on anything except plastic. DVD cases, dust pans, buckets, plastic bowls, dog dishes, etc. Now that my house is Helo-proofed I don't have to worry too much about him getting into anything. But you just never know what may interest him next! I'm very happy I rescued my sweet Helo and he, Marilyn and I will have many happy years ahead of us.
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Reading all these post make me cry, but also makes my heart swell with love and gratitude for all the wonderful people here and their stories of hope. Over the years I have also had many strays foster in our home, and have to say they were the best dogs ever. Until you read each individual story though you just don't get it. I know each of you feel blessed and this was a dog that was meant to happen, but again, it is great to read the stories and understand there are many people willing to adopt from shelters. I am so proud for your dogs and the terrific people who went the extra step and took the chance on them. What stories with wonderful endings.

Deb & My Golden Kids
Kye & Coop - the loves of my life
My little Biewer Yorkies - all 7 of them!
Sadie & Okey - my mini aussies

I want to surround myself with people who are "Cracked" for they are the ones that let the Sun Shine in.
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Just saw this thread and decided to add my stories.
Well, I have two rescues. Thunder a labmix, now 11 years old, was in a kill shelter in Kentucky when he was 10 months old. He was given up because of "too many dogs". He had been there 14 days and his time was up. Everybody at the shelter loved him and every time somebody came to the shelter, they would take them to see "Thunder".
Well, Hubby and I actually had gone to the shelter to look at a Golden. We had lost our senior Golden to cancer three months earlier. The Golden had already been adopted but the animal care taker encouraged us to look around and steered us toward Thunder. Thunder was standing there wagging his butt off, so cute. The person said, that Thunder's time is up and black dogs barely ever get adopted. We truthfully were not sure and our heart was set on a Golden, so we left.
About five minutes down the road, my husband and I were starting to talk about Thunder such as: Did you see him wag so hard? Reminds me of Sam (our bridge baby). Then we both agreed to go back to the shelter and have a closer look at Thunder. We got to take him for a walk outside and yes, we decided to take him. We have had Thunder for over 10 years now and never regretted making him part of our family.
Then November 2010, a little dachshund came visiting us. He was staying with the neighbors and I thought it was their dog. He was always outside, followed us around and I fed him, whenever he showed up. One Monday late aftenoon, the little dachshund met us at the top of our driveway and he was limping badly on his right hindleg. I scooped him up, checked him out and rang the neighbors bell, nothing.
So, I carried him back home, got on the phone with my vet and told them that I am coming in with a possible hit by car. I put my two big boys in the house, the dachshund in the car and drove off. I stopped at the neighbors and put a note on their door that I have their dachshund, which hat possibly been hit by a car. I drove to the vet, dachshund got x-rayed, etc. The vet was not sure if his right femur was broken right above the knee and wanted to wait till the the other vet could take a look at it. They also noticed that the dachshund hat bird shot in his belly, but it had been there for a while and not done any damage to the organs. I left "Dachsi" as I call him now, there after telling the vet about it being possibly my neighbors dog, but that I will pay for treatment and see if I can keep the dog.
Later that night, the neigbor called and asked what had happened. I explained and said, if I end up paying for all his bills, I will keep that little guy. The neighbor quickly said oh, keep him, he is a stray anyway that we were going to take to the shelter.
Dachsi's leg was not broken just badly bruised and he made a full recovery. He had to stay at the vet clinic for three days and was released just in time for Thanksgiving.
I was not sure at first about keeping Dachsi with two big dogs and started contacting rescue groups but nobody responded at all. One time at petsmart a local rescue told me, oh just bring him in next Saturday and we will get him out the door the same day, I am sure. Well this did not sound right to me because their website says, that they adopt out after vet references and home visits. So, I questioned them and got a nasty rant. So, I decided nope, not leaving him here to be handed out to somebody walking in the door and Dachsi possibly ending up in the same predicament or worse. To make a long story short, we ended up keeping Dachsi,had him neutered. He was about 8 months old at the time. He is a little menace at times, but he gets along great with my two big boys and we love him.
Below are a few pictures of my rescue furbabies:
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When I was in my mid-20's and had just bought my first home, I mentioned to family that I was looking to get a dog of my own. Shortly after, I received a call from my grandmother that there was a stray puppy that had been sitting for days on my aunt's back door step. My aunt, not being a dog person, didn't even put out a bowl of water for the pup, and also didn't call the shelter. I promptly rescued the quivering/terrified 4 month old, who had sores and missing fur, due to a bad case of mange. I named her "Bessie" in honor of my grandmother (Celia Bessie). We believe that Bessie was probably dropped off in the neighborhood- no one was looking for her. The first vet told me to "put the dog down", because she was part Shar Pei, would not have a nice disposition, and he was doubtful the mange woudl ever clear up. We switched vets, cleaned the mange, and I went on to have Bessie for 16 years. She was a WONDERFUL dog- the most gentle, loving, kind soul. She was at my feet and followed me from room to room from the moment I found her, and when I had kids, she accepted them with love. Bessie died in March of this year and I miss her very much.
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We had a Golden/Akita mix for 12 years that was like our son. We had to put him down and I thought it would kill me & hubs.
Two weeks later we were told about an Akita that needed a home. I wasn't interested because it was too soon but we went to meet her anyway. She came from Georgia where she was tied to a tree and beat for over a year. The 16 yr old neighbor actually stole her and called different states looking for someone to take her.
She was a mess, her collar had to be surgically removed because it was embedded, she had never been in a house, never learned how to play or be around other dogs. We took her and I tried to get us into classes thinking it would help her and us but was told by too many "An abused Akita is a time bomb have her put down".
I decided to teach her myself, it took awhile because she had to teach me how to teach her but it's been 4 years and I couldn't find a better dog if I tried.
She now goes to daycare at Camp BowWow occasionally and has learned how to play.
We pick up our GR puppy Aug. 22nd, I'm very excited. I think the timing is perfect!
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I think that Jake's story is much like Woody's. I don't know anything about his life before me. I wish he could tell me. I had been actively searching for a golden or golden mix from local shelters when I ran across Jake's bio on Petfiner.com. He had just become available (waiting period for family to locate him had expired) at an animal shelter (pound) in a town about an hour from here. The good lord was definitely pushing me along because I would not normally pack up the kiddos on a weekend my husband was away and head out to possibly pick up a "stranger dog".. ha ha! Luckily the husband gave us the green light and we brought Jake home that day. The only info we were given was that he was wondering the streets. He was neutered by the shelter just two days prior and was around 18 mos old. My stranger dog has become my best friend! He IS the dog I have always wanted. He is great with our kids, was potty trained upon arrival, laid back in the house (okay, most of the time) and wild out doors. Has great house manners.. unless you forgot something and come back in the door to find him standing on the kitchen table drinking a forgotten glass of milk...OOPS! He'll jump down and give you that look.
He is my snuggle buddy and loyal beyond belief. I often wonder how such a wonderful dog could have been alone on the street that day. I will never know.. Just glad I found him!!
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My girls have all been rescued. Jesse was our first and is now almost 15 years old. She is a golden mix. Cheyenne came about a year later and was our Aussie/BC mix. We lost her in February at 15+- and Tayla, one of my biggest challenges in life next to Cheyenne's passing, is 10 months and she was a re-homed pure bred Golden from a co-worker of my husband's.

Barb, Rick, "Tayla" Ruff Start Hot On The Trail (STAR Puppy) (Born 11/11, Gotcha 3/12) and "Lily" Stargazer's Make It So, CGC (Gotcha 12/21/13)



Cheyenne (CGC) and Jesse (CGC) who will be always loved and never forgotten.
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This thread is the best!!! I love it
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Hi there. I went to a golden kennel with my neighbour who had just lost her dog to cancer.We went and she picked out a female puppy. When she took her for her first health check the vet told her that the pup had entropian in her both lower lids and that was why she was tearing. The vet said choose another puppy and give this one back to the breeder who will then call him to go out and put her to sleep. We went back and she chose anot her puppy. I asked the breeder what he was going to do with the sick pup. He said he will have her put to sleep in two weeks when the vet was coming out to put some older goldens to sleep so he would euthenize her also then. Well I told him off and luckily he agreed to give her to me as I said my husband and I would get her eyes fixed. He said he was shocked that we would do this for her. So I left with my little puppy,Sadie. She is now 17mos.old and beautiful. Her eyes were fixed as soon as the specialist could do them and she was spayed at six months also. We had morphine drops for her eyes until the surgery.she is the light of my life. Well worth every penny. I will get a picture up of her soon. She is a deep red and slightly wavy on her back. Have a good day everyone!
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