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Dylan Revisted

As St Roche, the patron saint of all dogs, left me at the gates of heaven, I continued to watch over Randy. Sometimes I would appear in his dreams just to comfort him. I felt so sorry for Randy. Ever since I passed away this past December, Randy seemed totally. Over the next few months I saw Randy make futile attempts to try to live his life without me. He was going around trying to make decisions about his future. Some that could affect his very health. I know Randy was trying to join a volunteer organization called the Americas which itís members volunteered their services all over the United States. I could see what Randy was doing. Heís been having a hard time dealing with my death and he thought if he moved out of his home city, things would get better for him. But what Randy was doing was not coming to terms with my death. He thought things would be better if he moved somewhere else. But I knew they wouldnít. First of all, Randy would be taken away from his human friends. Also, Randy has a lot of physical and some mental demons heís been fighting with. I was so worried about Randy, I decided to do something about it.

When I passed away, I always wanted Randy to get another dog because I knew heíd be happy. Well itís been five months since my death and I couldnít understand why he was without one. Then one day, I realized that Randy was going to stay in his home town. Not only that, but he was thinking on getting another puppy, a Golden retriever puppy. That made me so happy because I knew he was doing this in memory of me. I decided to give him a little help. Randy spent a couple of weeks looking for a breeder. He finally called one and he decided to put down a deposit. That very night Randy had a dream where he was walking to the breederís house to pick out a Golden retriever puppy. Well I felt he needed some moral support so I appeared in his dream with him. When Randy saw me walking along side of him a big smile came across his face. That was the first time Iíd seen him smile since my death. A couple of weeks later, Iíd decided to appear in one more dream with Randy to show him I would always be with him.

In this dream, Randy was putting a leash on his new Golden retriever puppy so he could take him for a walk. Well when Randy turned his head, I took the Golden Retrieverís puppyís place When Randy turned around and saw me standing there; a big wide grin came across his face and was happy as he can be. Then his puppy joined us and the three of us went for a walk.

Even though I was giving Randy moral support, I didnít think he needed any help when it came to choosing a puppy. I know Randy would do the right thing as he did with me when he took me home with him. I was born. Shortly after my birth, my mother rolled over on my leg. I suffered from a severely bruised leg shortly after I was born. Because I was in severe pain, there was talk about me dying a premature death. But I pulled through and my leg healed completely. Still, when it became time for people came to adopt us, they heard about my leg and they wanted nothing to with me. That was until Randy came to visit. When Randy took me home with him to live, a great twelve year beautiful relationship began.
There was just one thing that bothered me. When people came to visit us, no one gave me a second look. When came, without hesitation, he pick me up in arms and took me home with him that there must have made a mistake. He was supposed to take my brother home with him, not me. I thought when they figured out what happened, someone would come and take me away. But when no one came. I started to relax. I was here to stay. But I still wondered why Randy chose me. It did not take me long to figure out why.
After settling down in my new home, I decided to check the place out. It was when I walked into Randy's bedroom, I understood why Randy wanted me to live with him. Randy's bedroom was no different then any person's. But what stood out and caught my attention was a oak shelving unit. On these shelves were tons of pictures of a dog, not pictures of different dogs, pictures of just one dog, some of them sitting with Randy. There were also various dog collars and dog leashes. There were dog toys, certificates and dog statues. The last thing I noticed sitting on the shelf was a strange looking box with a picture of a dog pasted to it. The picture was a photograph of Apollo and in the box were Apollo's ashes. It was then I understood why I came to live with him. Randy cares. That's all I need to say.
Usually, when a person decides to get a puppy, they usually go over to the dog breeder's house to the breeder's house to look at the puppies themselves. But this would have been difficult for Randy
because Randy and the breeder lived over three hundred miles apart from each other. Randy told the breeder that when she was able to, she should send Randy pictures of the Golden puppies and he would choose one from the pictures he saw.
Randy did not know it then, but soon it will be time for Randy, as he did with me, to make a decision and wouldn't you know it, the decision Randy would have come to him in a dream.
I expected Randy's dream would be a memorable one, but it wasn't. All that Randy dreamed about was he went to the breeder's house, picked out a puppy, then turned around and left.

The very next day, Randy received pictures of the puppies via e-mail and wouldn't you know Sitting among the four Golden retriever puppies was the one Randy dreamed about.

Randy immediately called the breeder and told her which puppy he wanted. The breeder told Randy that she was happy with his choice. She said she was happy because when other people had come to look at the puppies, there worried because they were afraid that they were going to get stuck on having to choose this dog, a dog that they would not be happy with. When Randy found out the reason why nobody wanted this puppy, a big smile came upon his face and was very happy. The puppy Randy chose, the puppy that no one else wanted was the runt of the litter.

Now that Randy has someone to watch over and take care of him, I feel I no longer have to wait at the gates of St. Peter for him to show up. I think Iíll check out this heaven and see what itís all about. But that doesnít mean I wonít be checking up on Randy and his new friend once in a while just to make sure they are doing okay. Thank you for listening to my story.
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I just love your story and I am so happy that Randy has Tramp now, and I know you are still with both of them all the time! You will see Andy and Tramp at the Rainbow Bridge one day. Look up my Smooch and Snobear-they would love to play with you!!

Tonka & Tucker

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Very beautiful, so touching.
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Karen519 (01-08-2013)
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Dylan, I love your stories.
"Jess" Kilkerran's Jess Like a Dream CGN
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Dylan, you are an Angel!

I feel that this story is a big TRUTH!

Love & Light


Mrcko, Babe, Pumba, Chanel, Mrvica, Dona, Tina, Tara on the Bridge but NEVER forgotten!
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This is beautiful. Your story warms my heart. I know that my goldens are waiting for me and watching over me. I think Randy and Tramp are going to be fine.
Dis is da gamboi an da Gussee an angels BoBo an Emmikins

"What we have enjoyed we never lose. All that we loved deeply becomes a part of us." Helen Keller
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Karen519 (01-09-2013)
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Dylan, love your story. Thanks for watching over Randy and Tramp. In my dream I had my Buddy once coming back to play with Charlie pup. I was so happy to see them playing nicely together. Now go and have a fun with my Buddy, one day we will find you there.

9 & half short years in my life but forever in my heart http://www.goldenretrieverforum.com/...-my-buddy.html
"He took my heart and ran with it, and I hope he's running still, fast and strong, a piece of my heart bound up with his forever" - Patricia McConnell

Charlie could watch birds for hours and I could watch Charlie for hours too http://www.goldenretrieverforum.com/...n-morning.html
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