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Questions regarding feeding human food


This is not about raw food vs kibble
If we feed human food / raw food to dogs, will they stop liking kibble? For our puppy Bourbon we want to give him both food so that he is used to both raw food and kibble (want to do it 50-50 over long time). All dogs are different but is it easy to have them like both raw food and kibble?

When we are having dinner, we should always keep an eye on Bourbon and what he is up-to. Once for a brief minute I left my plate (with pasta) on the couch and he went right for it. I know he is still a puppy. But If we give them veggies / fruits / human food as treat, will they still be calm and not try to eat something from our plate?

I recently met another Golden owner who said that they keep their golden only on dog food / dog treats. That way even if they have dinner on their bed with their Golden, the dog shows no interest in human food.

Can you kindly help me with these questions?
1. If we give raw food, will the dogs still like kibble or would they prefer raw food over kibble?
2. if we give human food and veggies to dog, with training will they be quite and not try to grab something from our plate

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I think it all depends on your dog and how finicky he may or may not be.

From my experience with both my bridge girl Yaichi and know with Brisby, introducing human food or raw did not influence them to refuse kibble. Both however did prefer natural food vs kibble, however when hungry they would still eat it. That said, Brisby has not been fed any kibble for well over 2 years now, so I don't know if I offered her kibble, what she would do. However, most dogs will not starve themselves and will eat when they are hungry....or not, especially GRs ..LOL

Regarding grabbing food from your plate...some dogs are food sharks and some are not. Add to that, this is something you need to train if you have a dog that will try to grab food from your plate, counter, table, during walks etc. For example, I can leave a plate of my food on the floor and Brisby won't touch it until a) I give her a release command that she can have it or b) she will vocalize and ask if she can have it.

I think that it is wonderful that you are wanting to incorporate natural fresh food to your pups diet. I would suggest though, that if you are moving to a fresh diet, whether if be home cooked or raw, that you do some reading to ensure that what you are feeding is a species appropriate balanced diet.

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I've always given fresh fruit and veggies to my dogs, sometimes as a treat, sometimes as a topper with their meals. I've never had a problem with them not eating their dog food without anything though.

I've never had a problem with my guys begging for food when we are eating and they've never taken anything off our plate or off the counter. My guys have always gone and laid down when we are eating dinner.

Here is a list of fruits and vegetables dogs can have and can not have.

My first golden mastered the art of stealing your napkin.. He was very very sneaky about it too.

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I frequently offer my dogs fresh fruit and veggies. When my rescue, Jack, was grossly overweight I used green beans to help him lose the weight. I don't have a problem with dogs begging for food but Bailey has discovered that many of the fruits (raspberries) and veggies come directly from our garden in the summer. As a result Bailey has taken to helping himself to the green beans in the garden whenever the opportunity it presents itself.
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If you don't feed them from your plate, they won't know it's an option. They might try, of course, to talk you into it or to steal, but if you manage them (don't leave your plate where they can get it) and don't feed them from the plate, you should not have an issue.

I feed mine raw sometimes. I feed kibble. I feed home cooked. They have never said "no thanks". If I want to feed them some sort of left overs I feed it to them in their bowls with their meals.

If I eat popcorn they are super annoying and drooling because I do feed them popcorn from the bowl when I eat it. But, I can eat steak, chicken, whatever, and they completely ignore it.
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People food vs. kibble... sorry but if you leave a plate of food on the sofa with a young puppy don't expect it to be there when you get back. :-)

Something to consider about people food. I love pasta but my favorite pasta sauce has onions, peppers and lots of spices that a puppy shouldn't have. People eat lots of stuff dogs shouldn't have like onions, grapes, chocolate, etc. Make sure you look up what is toxic for pups if you decide to share.

Puppies don't know what is safe and what isn't so it's up to you to keep them safe. Just an example... batteries and antifreeze taste good to pets but will kill them. If you want to feed people food be sure you have a balanced diet so they get all the nutrition needed. Remember they don't physically mature until around 24 months. Some foods can cause gas and sometimes upset tummies will result in loose stools.

Preparing "people" food for your pet needs to be like feeding a small child... not just food off your plate but well thought out prepared just for them meals.
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It comes down to a matter of individual preferences and the individual dog in my household. For example, I'm totally okay with sharing food with Kaizer. I will let him have a little of whatever I eat, provided it's safe for him to consume of course. It's never a lot and never a substitution for meals. However, he must be in a down in front of me while I'm eating. I do not like a dog that sits on top of me and stares me down while I'm trying to eat. On the other hand, my mom doesn't like sharing her food with the dog, except for when she's eating popcorn. Kaizer seems to get that and will leave her alone when she's eating. If I don't want to share with him, I tell him to go away (or some variation - it's very casual) and he tends to get the message. When guests are over, he's always crated.

I've never had issues with him eating his kibble. One time last year, we ran out of his kibble so Kaizer was living on two chicken breasts, green beans, some yogurt, and some sweet potato (I think) twice a day for two days. I doubt that met all his nutritional needs, but it was the best we could do on such short notice. We had no issues with him eating his kibble when it arrived in the mail.

As far as grabbing food off a plate, I don't think Kaizer's ever done that. His default behavior around food is a sit :-). He, at 2, still doesn't have the opportunity to grab food off a plate. There's just none in his reach.
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My dogs have always had a variety of "people foods" their entire lives. Current pups no exception. Penny started in on a variety not long after we brought her home. I usually put a small portion of the dog friendly parts of dinner in their bowl and they eat at the same time we do. When they are little giving it to them after they finish their dog food is probably best. Obviously they love meats and such. But also a big fan of fruits and vejji. Peaches and lettuce are huge winners in this house.
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Thanks everyone for sharing your experience and tips on how to give human food. It is really helpful! The other day when he went for my plate was an accident and it was completely my fault. I am still trying to train him to go for his food only on a command and wait till then.

@Yaichi's Mom
It is amazing about how Brisby asks before having from the plate. Yeah I did a bit of reading on fresh food and I have to do a lot more homework so that he gets a balanced diet. I got K9 natural frozen raw food and Bourbon totally enjoyed it.

Thanks for the list of human foods that we can feed to dogs. Bourbon loves carrots. But he does not like Beans. Planning to slowly introduce him to other vegetables to see his likes and dislikes.

Recently Bourbon started showing little interest in his kibble. When he came from the breeder he was on Diamond Naturals Lamb and Rice. But he is having skin irritations. He tries to bite his back and scratches himself. So vet suggested to try a grain free diet. So I slowly transitioned him to Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream. He did fine for a week or so. After that he refuses to eat his kibble. He has the appetite though. When I hide some treats in his kibble, he can finish it. I am trying to find if he does not like salmon or Taste of the wild brand.


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My very greedy lab who was on a permanent diet only had cucumbers as rewards/treats. This worked very well although I stopped eating them as every time one came out of the fridge she was there and looked devastated when I ate even a small mouth full.

Great treats but choose something that you don't eat a lot as doggies do give you a huge guilt trip.
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