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Love walks on four paws
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Lots of good advice here and what Dallas Gold said about comparing your pup to others is so spot on. And really good advice. While I feel it's ok in generalities, such as puppy stages etc...when it comes to potty training, sleeping through the night, I think we set ourselves up for disappointment.

Sage goes to the door about 90% of the time already. But if I miss the Que...she will go in the house and not bat an eye. She isn't potty trained, she knows that outside is preferable to inside, but makes no qualms about the fact that if I am not paying attention or fast enough she is just as comfortable relieving herself inside.
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BTW, I'm finding some days my 11 week old just gets it, and other days he doesn't... Today, so far, is a VERY good day as he's sending me very clear signals that I am picking up on. I have no illusions though!
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Thanks, all! Dallas Gold, today was also a much better day for us too. Perhaps because life has returned to a normal schedule after the holiday craziness. Charlie went to the door and gave a little whine every time he needed to go out today. Woohoo! The only accident we had was upstairs in our bedroom and as always, totally our fault. Charlie climbed the stairs on his own for the first time today, and I think he got into our room and forgot where he was. Everyday is a new lesson for us, that's for sure!

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laprincessa (01-02-2013)
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Rocky's so good at hitting the pee pads. The only accident would be if they weren't overlapping and he hit a hole. He's 4 months.

However, no matter how much time he spends outside, he will always come in the house and pee on the pads RIGHT BY the back door.

We don't put out the many many groups of pads so much anymore as he knows where they are now and will hit them.

It just cracks me up. You were outside playing for an hour. You come inside, get a drink and go pee on a pad and go back out to play.
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Loki's Mum
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Like human babies, puppies develop at different stages. According to what I have read on the Internet, a puppy does not have full control over its bladder until several months old. Loki trained very easily & quickly, but really it was us who learnt to read the signals very early on & rushed him outdoors. I always tell people that we spent more time out in the garden in the cold, often wet, darkness than in our lounge watching TV in the evening. Loki will always sit by the door & look at us when he wants to go potty. He has actually never pooped indoors, but after more than two months without a pee indoors, he suddenly had two pees indoors last week ....first time was when I did not take him outdoors when he woke up in the lounge. I let him follow the cats up the hall instead, & he tinkled at the top of the hall. I knew it was my fault, & it did not send me into a tizz wazz as we have polished floorboards, so easy to clean up ....also Loki was on antibiotics at the time & I had read somewhere that puppies can have an accident with peeing when on them. Second time was when we had a strange dog in the house, who was barking & leaping at the door most of the night, in the room next to his, & he peed in the ex pen where he now sleeps,I am sure due to being frightened. Has not happened since the dog left. Loki is 5.5 months old & it really does not bother me too much if he has the occasional lapse. I never expected my human babies to be perfect, & I don't expect my fur babies to be perfect either. Your puppy is still very much a tiny baby, so he does not have control over his bladder. That will come with age. Don't worry about what other people say or do. Puppies are all different. Also, your baby is doing exceptionally well to go 8-9 hours overnight at such a young age. Loki still only goes 7-7.5 hours. Mind you, we do not take his water up, as in NZ the SPCA can remove a puppy/dog immediately from your home if it is found not to have free access to water 24/7, as they say that dogs must have access to water at all times to maintain healthy kidney function.

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Reading back over this thread has me in giggles. It is absolutelly wonderful to have a "forum family" where we can come in and speak of puppy potty mishaps with honesty and humor. What a group

And to the poster who spoke of her co-worker with a yorkie...beware. I have 7 of them (but mine are from Germany orig - tri colored) and after over 40 yrs of dogs I can honestly say I don't think the yorkshire breed CAN be 100% house broken. They are great companion dogs, but honestly they must be one of the dumbest (but so loveable). Mine can trail a scent, 2 of them swim and will dig/hunt/kill moles,rats & mice, but think nothing of using the bathroom in the house and can become yappy if allowed. (Mine aren't!) X-pens and gates have become my best friend. So for me, training the goldens was a breeze!

Deb & My Golden Kids
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I want to surround myself with people who are "Cracked" for they are the ones that let the Sun Shine in.
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In the beginning it was a little tough as we were having tummy issues. I do believe it come in clusters though. She is 6 months old and her recent accidents were about two weeks ago. I took her to the beach and I guess she got into too much water! I was walking her VERY often that afternoon but missed her bark to go out. She hid under the table afterward.

Her sign to go out would be just to stand by the door and look out. It is great unless you are not in the room. She did not take to the bells. She now barks to go out which I prefer because THAT I can hear. If the family ignores her, she does something not so nice....she will nibble at them or pull on their clothes. That we are trying to break her of. Although...serves the kids right (they are older) if they ignore her warnings!

We are training her to go in a specific spot in the yard. That she gets as well. It all just takes patience and time...I keep saying to myself over and over!
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My puppy is now 8.5 months and still every now and then he'll get too excited and pee on the rug, but for the most part he's like 99% house trained haha

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