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Puppyhood Help Needed

Hello Everyone,

I visited the forum several months ago when we began thinking about a new puppy. We had lost our 10 year old Rusty to lymphoma and while I wanted a puppy, I was concerned as to how our rescued girl, Maggie (6 years old) would react. You were all so very kind and helpful and this past Friday, 8 week old Tucker joined our little family.

Maggie hasn't seemed really happy to have Tucker around. So they could meet, we took her to the breeder's to collect him, and she got as far away as she could on the ride home and has maintained a distance ever since. I have bought duplicate toys to help with the issue of each wanting the other's toys, but she is quick and has managed a "steal" when Tucker is playing with something. She will growl if he comes too close when she has a toy or chew. My husband said they did play together for a few minutes night before last (I was at church and missed it)...so while I am hopeful, I am still a little worried. I have been giving lots of attention to both and have done all of the usual - feeding Maggie first, etc., extra petting and attention to her, as the books suggest. Do any of you have any suggestions as to how I might speed up the process of her accepting him or does it just have to work itself out? Should I worry?

Tucker was doing great on potty training...no accidents (we are crate training), but a few times he has screamed so in either the crate or the x-pen that it seems to bring on an accident. He is taken out regularly and has had no "house accidents" when out playing with us in the living room, etc. It seems that he gets so upset when we leave or he can't see us, that he has an accident as a result...(#2). Today I went home to check on him at lunch (I had been home at 10 to take him out) and he had soiled his crate. While I cleaned that up, I put him in the X-pen (in the other room), and he began wailing and had another accident. Is his getting this upset normal? Again, should I worry?

I am not good at this, I fear! Rusty was 10 when we lost him, and Maggie was almost 4 when she came to us, so I've read everything I could on puppies, and am working hard at getting this right. Any help or words of wisdom will be appreciated.

Thank you so much,

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Fifteen year old Jesse still is not overly found of crazy year old Tayla, but tolerates her if she is not in her "Hey, I'm crazy lets play" periods. What helped us was walking them as a pack. Started off walking far apart and got to a point where they would sniff the same things. It's on neutral territory so that works well. I don't think she will ever love Tayla. In 1999 we got Jesse at a year old and the Cheyenne came along a year later at the age of 2 1/2. It took Jesse about 4 to 5 months to really warm up to her and they became wonderful friends until we lost Cheyenne in February. Just be patient. As long as fights don't break out all the time you will just have to give the older one a chance to set some rules and boundaries. Good luck.

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I believe it mainly must just work its way out on your older girls terms. Believe me, she is watching this new pup every minute. I think if you just give it time, she will soon forget the pup wasn't forever in the house and will make friends. When a new arrival comes to our place after the first introductions the older ones seem to get grumpy an ignore the new member. They steal all the toys and want to hoard the food bowls. I usually feed the new member seperately but let the older ones work it out for the rest, but keep an eye on them when together. Some older ones get a bit bossy or the pup may become a pest. Seniors need their down time and don't always want a busy pup in their space.

Good luck and I bet you see little offers of friendship done more every day. Be patient and give your old girl a bit more affection so she knows the pup is still second in your love.

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I'm going through this dynamic myself right now. I feed the dogs separately to prevent any sort of issues developing around feeding. I'll continue to do this until Yogi, the puppy, is much older and knows our house rules a little better.

As far as toys and playing, I am letting them play together, but I am right there with them to distract and divert, if necessary. Our older guy isn't too keen on this new little guy- it's been less than a week, but I'm starting to notice he is initiating more play with him. Yogi's still a little too young and tiny for rougher play so I need to be there.

Give the older dog some alone time or some one on one time. My older guy and I are walking more outside while the puppy sleeps. Don't hesitate to separate them, especially if the older dog has had enough.

It's too soon for us to know if these guys will become best buds, but we sure hope so! It would make like much less challenging!
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Completely agree with what everyone says and what Dallas Gold says about giving the older dog their alone time and designate some time that you dote on the older dog. It's tough being older and having a bouncy, energetic, youngster to deal with!

Congratulations on your puppy!

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Give her time and try not to put the two together if/when you are not available to intercede for your older dog.

Your puppy isn't going through the teething and rambunctious stage yet, and when he does it's not going to be a lot of fun for your older dog.

I'm going to assume she's a lot like my Jacks when I first brought the puppy home. That first weekend was very stressful for the poor guy, but 3 weeks later the only time I have to hop in to help him is like the early mornings or late nights when he wants to SLEEP and the pup is trying to chew on him. And about now, he knows I will either come to his rescue if I see the pup doing something I don't like or he will come to me to ask me to help him.

I guess a little warning - your young puppy is going to get a bit more of a handful for both you and the other dog. When they are 8-9 weeks old, they really aren't that bad. With every week past 10 weeks and going towards 4 months old, they are teething and starting to sleep less....

I feed both dogs the same time and together, but on either sides of me. There was some resource guarding from the older dog the first day or two, but as he adjusted to having a puppy hanging around with him all the time and he recognized that I would never just put the food down and ask him to fend for himself (I am there to keep the puppy out of Jacks food), he's happy as a peach with the new arrangement which means he is fed breakfast earlier and gets to go out for potty a LOT more frequently throughout the day.

And I pretty much have been keeping both boys together when we do fun and positive things like meandering around outside, walks, shopping, sleeping, eating (me eating), and even training.

My initial plan as far as training the puppy was to keep both dogs completely seperate. That backfired when I saw how much stress that caused my Jacks. So instead I adapted the training so that Jacks saw me training the puppy as part of me training him. So he hangs out and does stays and earns treats for just sitting there while I work with his baby brother right in front of him.

@Potty training - I was bragging that our Bertie had gone 2 weeks without having a SINGLE accident and I was starting to assume he was going to be like Jacks who went almost 12 months before he had his first accident in the house due to a UTI.... and then he had a VERY BAD EVENING. LOL. And though that evening may have happened because of the stress and discomfort of having his second round of vaccination earlier that day, it just reminded me that a puppy is not potty trained unless he has gone 2 months without a single accident.

We are now back to me jumping up and running him outside every time he walks a little funny around the room, sits by the door and looks at me, squeaks.... 5-10 minutes after eating, drinking, playing, sleeping....

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I tend to think that the older dog is teaching the puppy "the ropes" so to speak. That is how it works in a natural environment. Adult dogs start teaching pups manners at around 8-10 weeks old. I would just let them interact with one another and try not to interrupt unless you absolutely need to.

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Just like kids, puppies do better with a regular routine. So if you can go home everyday at lunch that really helps. Also feed your pup in the crate. Just put his bowl in the crate and him, then shut the door. He will associate good things with his crate.

Introducing a new pup will be different with every dog. I've had some welcome the pup joyously and others just hate the pup. Their relationship will develop over time. Don't be surprised if they don't become buddies until your pup is 5 or even 6 months old. It all depends on the dog.
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