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Introducing Our Newest Addition- Yogi!

Hi everyone! It's been a long time coming but yesterday we added a new little puppy to our home and our family. He's out of the Harborview Lori x Detour litter and we named him Yogi! We are over the moon with happiness as this little boy loves loves loves people! He had a huge adventure yesterday leaving his litter and the golden and human family who cared for him so much his first 8 weeks. We are blessed that forum member Jennifer (hvgoldens) allowed us to bring this little adorable fur bundle home to join our family. Big brother Toby isn't too sure about this little one just yet, but I'm sure they will become fast friends with time.

Here is our Yogi at the breeder's home:
The blue bone came home with us.

Here Yogi is with his great great grandmother Bailey, who will celebrate 16 wonderful years on December 14--you can't ask for more knowing a little puppy got to know his great great grandmother.

Yogi also got to know a certain little puppy socializer- the breeder's daughter, and I will thank my lucky stars every day he got such great love and attention! She is a fabulous little socializer!

In my arms

On the road to the Cleveland airport- we drove a little over 2 hours from the breeder's home to Cleveland:

He got his first bus ride at the rental car return- and he made fans there. He heard big planes overhead, loud buses and didn't react at all.

We socialized this little pup like crazy when he was awake and alert and he loves people! His little tail went crazy! He was a big hit at the TSA checkpoint- they all wanted to see him and check him out. They also wanted to check my seat cushion, which I take for flights to protect my back, so we got extra scrutiny!

Then it was in the terminal. He was serenaded by a live jazz band-- loved it. He met more people, people who flocked to see the little one. He ate it up and gave everyone lots of kisses. I wanted to rename him Kisser but hubby said no.

We put on a Santa's helper bandana, which he wore for a bit, a big hit. He worked on a jumbone, then he napped, and he napped hard!

Here are some photos taken while we waited for the flight:

We got a row in coach of 3 seats, next to the flight attendant jumpseat in one galley. They allowed us to keep him on the floor between us, without putting him under the seat for take off and landing, with the top of his chariot popped. He did GREAT!! One of the flight attendants is married to a veterinarian so he got extra attention from her and the others, as well as passengers. They comped our meals (we were hungry by then!!) and he woke up for that. Sorry Yogi, we couldn't share with you! They allowed us to put him in the seat in his chariot and strap it with the safety belt for the flight. He didn't cry, whimper, anything- a perfect representative of the breed. There was a screaming baby in the front of coach, but Yogi, in the back where it's louder, was fine! Once off the flight more people met him in the terminal, then it was another bus to employee parking and then a trip to pick up Toby in boarding off the airport grounds. The two met and were fine, then it was on the road home.

Yogi isn't a fan of his crate yet, but that will come. It was a traumatic night being away from his family and we think he will get better as we settle into a routine here.

This morning my hubby carried him as we took Toby on a short walk. Yogi is too tiny for a walk like this but he got to see his new neighborhood. Then we went to meet my parents, some neighbors, then to Petsmart where he met lots of people, birds (loves them just like our Barkley), fish and a cat. We didn't let him meet dogs as parvo is epidemic here with one nearby clinic having 24 cases in one month and 2 others having several cases. So he met and greeted people safely in his chariot. Then we went and ate al fresco with Yogi where he met more people.

Next, off to Home Depot for some stuff, by by this time he was napping in his chariot so he didn't meet and greet anyone there.

By my estimate- 63 people in 2 days. Not bad, eh?

We'll be busy with potty training and other essentials. Right now he's a big fan of sticks and leaves just like our first golden Beau. I see a lot of my Beau in Yogi so far, and I love it!!

We are in love with Yogi, and he will have many great adventures here with our family! He's got a great doggie Godmother in Betty (Penny & Maggie's Mom) and a great Grandmom Jenn at Harborview. Thank you Jenn for this blessing.

I'll be busy planning meets and greets, puppy parties, and lots of socialization. He's already walked on tons of new surfaces here, including my glass desktop!

I want to especially thank all of you who helped me through my concerns about flying Yogi- nolefan, Deber, Tahnee GR, Ambika-- thank you so much and if I missed anyone I apologize. I also want to thank those of you who helped me prepare for Yogi's arrival during the past few months, especially Barb (Hotel). I was originally on a list for a Tito puppy but the Mom reabsorbed them at the last moment. Barb gave me all sorts of great puppy raising information and I appreciate it her advice so much, even though a Tito baby wasn't to be this time around. There are several others here that knew of our plans and I want to thank you-- Betty, Susan Marie (Claire's Friend), Cathy Jo (Cathy's Gunner) and so many others I should probably stop or this thread will go on forever. You know who you are and I truly appreciate it.

Now on to loving my new little munchkin!

Edit to Add- I'm in a brain fog- missed specifically thanking Buddy's Mom Forever, Bay Beams and Sally's Mom too. Please forgive me!

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Can't wait to meet him in the fur!!!! He is as precious as I could have dreamed. You've got a great start on your "baby album"!!!!!!

Betty and the Dallas crew

“Until one has loved an animal a part of one's soul remains unawakened.” A. France
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He is adorable! Congrats! He had a busy day.

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Congratulations, Anne!
Oh, he is sooo adorable! Wow, he had such a big adventure for such a little guy. I am glad that he took it all in stride.
Thank you for the update and the pictures.
I am so happy for you. I was wondering how the Tobynator reacted, but he will get used to him, lol.
I hope you all have a great weekend.
Hugs to the Tobynator and Yogi!
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Awww Yogi is too cute! Congrats on your newest addition!

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Love my Golden Boys!!

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I don't frequent the Forum as often as I used to but happened to see this and wanted to congratulate you on your long awaited new arrival!!! Baby Yogi is adorable.....and a Harborview puppy at that!!

I hope Yogi knows how lucky he is to have found his forever home with your family!!!

Missing my heart boy Austin who left this world on
June 23, 2016 at the age of 7.5 years. When I close my eyes I see you; when I open my eyes I miss you.

Reno, Austin, Lincoln & Lexxington on Facebook

Lexxington's Pedigree:
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*whistles* Congrats!!!!!

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:arty dude

Love is patient, love is kind.
Love never gives up or loses faith.
Love is always hopeful and endures through every trial.
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I had to come back on the forum to tell you how happy I am for you!! Everyone here was so supportive when we were blessed with our Sasha right after Selka went to The Bridge. Wish I could meet Yogi in person and smell some puppy breath!!

Sasha, Gunner,
& Angel Selka in Heaven

Love You Always
Max, Sophie and Shammy
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Oh my gosh Anne! I have been waiting and waiting to see this thread! Yogi is the cutest puppy!!!! Thank you so much for posting so many terrific photos of him, I am just in love!!!!

Please update us whenever you can tear yourself away from him!!!! Congratulations

SHR Richwood Work Hard Play Harder CD WC

Mack the collie boy
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