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Angry Fannin got attacked :(

Fannin and I were walking around our local park (we were on leash) and I saw two pit bulls off leash running around with their owner. We had previously met both pit bulls and I knew one was dog aggressive so I tried to walk Fannin away but Fannin just loves saying hi to everyone so he sat down to wait. Jack, the nice pit bull, came over and said hi. The owner ran over with Hurley, the aggressive pit bull, and he was holding Hurley by the collar. Why the owner decided to walk Hurley up to Fannin is beyond me, but Hurley bit Fannin on the nose. It was the worst sound I've ever heard, hearing my baby yelp and cry like that. As I was checking Fannin the owner said "oh he is fine" and I used every bit of restraint not to punch him in the face. Fannin didn't have any puncture wounds, it kind of looks like Hurley just skinned his nose.

I took Fannin to the vet and they said it looks superficial, just use some triple antibiotic ointment to help it heal. It is pink and I know this is so lame but I hope his nose heals back to black. Is that stupid? I feel stupid worrying about the color on his nose. I will love him no matter what, battle scars and all.

Thankfully he doesn't seem to have any lingering fears about other dogs. We have played with new friends at the park (on leash and off in the dog park area) and he has been to daycare and they said he's showing no signs of distrust. I feel so terrible that he had to go through that.

After talking to other pet parents in the park apparently Fannin is dog #3 that Hurley has bitten, including Fannin's bff Desmond. I don't want to get the dog in trouble, but I feel like someone needs to report this owner. What do you think? I worry since it is a pitbull some overzealous animal control officer will want to put it down.. when really it's the owner I'd like to put down.

And to thank you for reading my long story here are some pictures of my baby and his friends:
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Fannin and the ball, a love story
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I agree with you that the owner should be the one put down, but I would definitely report it before someone else's dog gets more than a superficial injury. I'm glad you baby is OK

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I'm sorry to hear that - the sound of them in trouble is truly awful. Shadow got attacked by a German Shepherd in our lobby last month (when he was only 4 months). The dog grabbed him by the throat and started shaking him. I think my heart stopped in shock, but I lunged and pulled him away and broke them up - oh but the noise Shadow made, the high-pitched yelp. Thankfully, he was okay - more scared than anything.

The owner doesn't seem all the concerned with the behavior of his dog. Is it possible to have a few people confront him and tell him about your concerns for the other dogs?
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I'm so sorry this happened to Fannin. I would not hesitate to report that dog, no matter what breed it is. Unfortunately the owner is irresponsible and that's a very unsafe combination.
I own a "bully breed" and I make sure that she is an ambassador for her breed, not a dog that reinforces societies ignorant views on the breeds.
That dog could kill another dog or God forbid, a child because he has a fool on the other end of the lead.
I'm glad Fannin is ok. And yes, I do understand why you're concerned about his nose color returning
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Really sorry to hear what happened to Fannin, I know it was very scary for you. So glad it wasn't serious and he's not experiencing any difficulties from it.

Yes, his nose will heal and it will be black again. My girl rubbed a spot on her nose when she was nudging the door to a kennel when she was boarded one time. Hers healed up quickly, but seems to have a bit of a tender spot.

You said Hurley has bitten three dogs now, I think it's over due that he be reported. The next dog or maybe even a child might not be as lucky as Fannin was. The next bite could be very serious. I wouldnt be able to live with myself knowing I could have maybe prevented the next time by not reporting him.
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I am so sad to read that this has happend to you. I would defiantly report this dog. Why is this dog at a public place off leash? And why would the owner bring his aggressive dog over to your dog? This has happend three times now? The owner is defiantly irresponsible and needs to get a call from your town.

I would also work with your dog on his recall's so that he will come to you when you call him when there are other dogs around. He may be friendly, but like what has happened here, the other dog may not be. (and have an irressponsible owner) Throw a long line on him the next time your out, so it is easier to work on that.

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I would report that dog IMMEDIATELY.
I have ZERO tolerance for aggressive dogs. ZERO.
My Cassie was attacked and I KNOW in my own soul what that feels like.
You were lucky this time, but it might be worse next time.

I'm so sorry this happened to your boy. It is a horrible, horrible feeling.
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Fannin got a scratch, the next dog may have half his face torn off. You need to report the incident, and so do the owners of the other dogs that have attacked by this dog. He should NEVER be off leash, and the owner needs to be warned by authorities.

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No question- report it.

This isn't the first time and it won't be the last. Next time may not end as well.

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I am so sorry this happened to you. This Pitbull owner needs to be confronted and made to be responsible. My last dog, a German Shepherd/Lab mix was mauled by a Pitbull at 1 year of age. He only had cuts to his ears. The Pitbull came running out of yard as we walked past, since the gate was left open. The owner desperately tried to get his dog to let go of my dog. At least in my case the Pitbull owner paid for my dog's vet care. He was a responsible minded man. When Animal Control asked me if I wanted to go to court to have his dog put down, I refused. I did not want the owner losing his beloved companion nor did I want to see his dog put to sleep. That's just me. Animal Control gave him a mandate to keep his dog confined where she would be not be able to hurt anyone again. This owner needs to be fined for allowing his dog to run loose and hurting Fannin. The dog should not be put to sleep. The owner should take more precautions to prevent any future bites and get his dog more training to discourage the dog aggression.

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