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Old 11-14-2012, 11:28 AM
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What people do not realize is that golden retrievers are LAPDOGS, just 70 lb ones!

When Lord Tweedmouth developed the golden retriever breed, it was to be a breed that was the hunter's companion. Hunting and retrieving during the day, and being a companion, keeping the hunter warm at night.

Also, when kept indoors with access to outside, they are for the most part a clean breed. Unless they have been swimming or playing in the mud, the dirt pretty much brushes or falls right off.
Marie, Brady, MacKenzie and Sailor
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Old 11-14-2012, 11:29 AM
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Originally Posted by ssacres View Post
I can tell you really care for this dog. I wish you all the happiness and good times with him. You seem to want what is best for him and bless you for that. I see dogs where I live so uncared for and it breakes my heart.
Wow did I have this all wrong?
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Old 11-14-2012, 11:42 AM
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Do the right thing and rehome your dog.

I can say this because our Frankie (now at the bridge) was also 24/7 outdoors until we adopted him. He was 6 when he came into our home but the poor thing felt more comfortable outside. He was thunder-phobic to the extreme ( I have never had a dog so terrified) It took time and lots of patience, Love and always reassuring him that he was now with his forever family.
Oh and his former owners wife also didn't want Frankie in Her home only her small dog. He was fed, had water, but no kind of interaction with the family. No, What are you cooking Mom,(I will gladly be a taste tester) No where are we going today, No family gatherings, No, can I help you feel better today Mom, No lets just chill out on the sofa and watch some TV. NO, Christmas tree to sit and just stare at the lights! ( and eat some turkey )
His time outdoors for 6 years took a toll on him but after time he felt like a part of our family and sadly his time with us was not enough. We miss him every morning Thump, thump down the hall to wake us up and his Disney character. He never slept with us, he had hip problems and I am sure being outside for all those years didn't help his problem.

Please do it for Bentley, give him what he deserves, a Home with companionship, a soft bed ( be it his or his owners) and lots of love from all his family!

You are probably a good person but it will break Bentley's heart and well being not to be fully incorporated into your home.

I hope you read this and other post and really listen to the advice of many that so Love their Golden Retrievers.
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Old 11-14-2012, 12:41 PM
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Originally Posted by goldenntn View Post

Last week, I took in a 2 1/2 year old male GR. He was kept unsociailized in a remote friend's backyard, away from everyone. His physical needs were well met with food, water, medical and he is no neutered...yet.
He appears with a healthy coat, teeth, bright eyes, lively personality. He had a nice doghouse with new cedar shavings when I got there. The reason he was to be rehomed was twofold: #1, the owner has developed cancer and could no longer care for the dog. #2, the dog, out of boredom, had started climbing over the 4 foot wooden fence and getting into neighbors things..thus presenting a problem.
He had never had a collar, leash, or any sort of behavior training...just petted occasionally. I personally witnessed the owner DRAG Him down some deck steps with a leash around his neck so he could get him to us. He wouldn't come to strangers. He's not been around many except on his escapes. Honestly, I'm not sure he wasn't beaten, although he doesn't appear to have physical bruises.
I have rescued/adopted for over 20yrs.

My current girl was kept outside for 8yrs. She stuck to me like velcro for months. Turning her into a well rounded dog took a long time. The thought of putting her in a garage is inconceivable to me.

Your act of putting this dog in a garage away from human contact resulted in break outs from the kennel. Not surprised at all.

Think about it. You spend a whole week training a dog that had no socialization , the dog loves you, then you put him away in a garage. Goldens are very social and crave human contact. You give this dog a taste of that and then wonder why it breaks out of the kennel to be with it's new family. Really

I think a new home is in order for Bentley for him to truly flourish. Goldens need to be part of a family.

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I need to say one more thing, rather than do this to your dog, call a rescue, give him up.
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