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I promise this is the last post of the day... (I absolutely love the little guy - who is curled up sleeping with his brother after a lot of playtime outside)...

^ He's a big butt puppy. Kinda fitting that his puppy name was "Butt". His breeder marked the puppies in various spots to tell them apart. His marking was on his butt.

Don't you just love his nose crinkles?

^ My favorite pic. This is HIM.

Boys hanging out -

Brothers share...

Well, sometimes.

^ I think this was Jacks "give me space limpet" look....

Vet visit bumped to tomorrow (I'm taking boys and may need a helper). We are placing bets on how much he weighs... <- I'm saying 15 pounds.

My sisters are betting on 20.

Pup had his first visit with strangers this morning, as one of my neighbors saw him out in the yard and stopped to say hi. Jacks has now taken to parading his brother near the road thinking it will make people stop and visit.

^ This doesn't matter so much to me, but the puppy does have a trot.

^ And my niece is in heaven right in the middle of things.

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Megora (11-24-2012)
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He is really cute. You gotta give him a name so we know what to call him. Seems like he and Jacks have really bonded already.

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Megora (11-24-2012)
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Believe it or not, I confabbed with the family on my picks. I wanted James (Jamie) or Michael. I already decided he was not a George or a Charley (my other two picks).

And I think the winner is Bertie. LOL. Birdy Bertie.

My mom suggested Hugo - but that was thrown out right away. <- I would have taken the name to please her but I HATED the name. Thankfully my sisters (who outrank me, yes even though I picked the breeder, picked the puppy, and paid up) agreed it didn't suit him at all.

I just trained both dogs a few minutes ago and did a few "Bertie come-eeee" calls which he was immediately reacting to, so I'm thinking it's going to stick.

Of course I am back to square one figuring out a registration name for him - though it hardly matters since his breeder is waiting for paperwork from the AKC (the litter was born in Canada, and she had to submit a DNA test to the AKC). She'll let me know when it comes, but odds are it will be a hand delivery when we meet up at that show. <- It seems goofy that the breeders have to do the DNA swab despite both dogs having AKC registration, but yup.

As far as training - in one session the pup already knows sit on command. And he's getting there with downs. <- I had Jacks right there demo-ing for his little brother, so that probably helped.

He had nice straight sits. Downs - he's doing the fold back down (front end going down first) which I'm sure my instructor would LOVE to see. <- She quibbles about Jacks downs because I trained him to sit first.

Comes - informal comes - like every time he was a space away, I was calling him "Bertie comeeeeee" and rewarding him with a piece of bread when he got in.

Walking - he's not coordinated yet to do any organized "loose lead" walk, but I'm getting him to prance next to me with attention on my left leg for food. I have the food at my knee for him. As he gets a smidgeon bigger, I'll bring the food up to my hip.

And we did a few play retrieves since Jacks INSISTED on being rewarded. He was doing stays while I did the prancing thing with Bertie. And held his stays.

For now I'm just setting us up close to a corner and tossing the toy. He's spastic right now and kinda all over the place - similar to how Danny was. So I'm holding onto him, revving him up with the toy, and then tossing it, and then patting the floor to encourage him to bring it back to me, even though I'm not taking anything from him just yet. <- I'll practice the retrieves until he's really lunging at the toys and getting them, and then I'll start using food to trade with him.

^ *laughs* And you thought my training logs were long before with just one dog!

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TheZ's (11-24-2012)
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He is soooo cute!!! I love the way Jacks is with him already, best buds for life in the making
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Megora (11-24-2012)
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He is indeed a gorgeous little guy, and looks like Jacks definitely approves. They are adorable together! Congrats, and welcome home Bertie!

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Bertie is a doll, enjoy the puffball stage. So you have to fess up to where he came from?

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Congrats on your new puppy!! Love all the pictures, so glad that they are bestest of friends already.

I am late, but I thought I would add on anyways... The two things I looked for was eye contact and tugging. More than anything else I want a dog who wants to play with me.

Also I would like to repeat this. Picking Your Performance Puppy by Helen King is GREAT GREAT book! Helen also has a new book that is only available as a e-copy right now. I have heard the print should be out in the next month or so, but I have loved the e-version so far.

What's Your Angle
In this unique book, Helen describes a simple, step-by-step process for learning to see and understand angulation and structure for the performance dog. What's Your Angle is full of entertaining illustrations that help make the content easy to understand.
What&#039;s Your Angle? | Recipe to Win

Originally Posted by jackie_hubert View Post
I really like this book on the topic: Picking your Performance Puppy: Helen King: 9781475119428: Amazon.com: Books

It's available as an e-book.

I also like McDevitt's Puppy book. The section on what type of puppy to avoid - signs of future reactivity - is really good.

Didn't know you were getting a pup! How exciting!

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He is adorable....I feel puppy fever coming on...YIKES! Enjoy and I cant wait to hear all about his training and fun stuff you do.
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I guess to share what I wound up looking at as far as narrowing the pick -

Every single puppy in this litter took turns coming up and sitting in my lap and looking up in my face and basically doing a "love me love me" puppy huggle with me.

That was the first thing I wanted.

The other thing I was hoping for was agility and energy. The puppies were all running circles and zooming around me. There was a pool table in the rec room and every single puppy easily slid squatted mid run to get under the low table and kept going. That trot picture I posted above - every single puppy would drive to retrieve tossed balls and then had the "I've got something" strut walk on their way back.

The other thing I was looking for - even though I know that there's different opinions on this. When the puppies did the stop-drop-nap, I looked at the ones who did the full frog. Bertie and one of his brothers did this every single time. The breeder laughed and said she kinda looks for this as well as far as looking for a dog with good hips. Her husband was joking and said it means the pup either has excellent hips or absolutely no hips.

When it came to attention, prancing, and just overall look - I wanted Bertie's brother who was a darker color.

The only problem with him though was he had a foot issue. Mom stepped on him maybe or lay funny on him and his rear foot is now missing a couple toes. Before the foot thing happened, this puppy was their show pick and they were still talking about maybe showing him anyway providing the foot didn't mess up his gait. They said the foot could be groomed/shaped to hide the missing toes. Before they mentioned his "foot problem" I had no clue there was anything up with his feet. He was strutting and zooming around the same as his brothers. o_O

The possibility that the foot would cause problems for him as an adult was one of the reasons I went with "Butt".

The other reason - the breeder said he was the most mellow and laidback puppy of the litter. And he is. He went to the vet today and had a lot of playtime outside this morning. Visited with people (not dogs) at the vet. Had every vet tech wound around his little toenail. And he's had two meals today. So he's happy, fat, and sleeping right now.

Jacks heard me say something about a ride in the car later - I forgot Bertie vax schedule from the breeder AND a stool sample and didn't want to walk the pup anywhere outside the vet to get him to poop. Anyway, Jacks heard me and he's lying there WATCHING me. If I go anywhere in the car, he must go with me. He insists!

But really - the whole litter was very uniform and all were very nice puppies. I guess if I wanted to do conformation down the road, I would have a VERY good chance with Bertie.

I met their uncle Harvey (in the house and hanging out with their other non-golden dogs) and he's training for his WC. I guess he was down at the national and they were hoping he'd get it there, but the memory bird was very tough? It was in dappled/shaded water?

The coolest thing though - I pulled up into their driveway and parked in front of the "dog yard" (like 2+ acres?). 5-6 dogs were turned out for the afternoon and they came running up to the gate to watch me get out of my car. No barking from any of them. They were all very nice dogs. Bertie's mom was out there and she was the one dancing around with a tennis ball.

Going on our third day with him - he definitely is a busy puppy and likes to entertain himself. Without the excess barking and biting and mouthing and squeaking for attention. He LOVES playing with you, but he is happy bouncing around with his toys and playing little grr-pounce games with them.

Probably the only bad thing he's done so far is chasing tails. As in chasing Lu's tail (big mistake - fortunately Lu kept his claws in and just swatted the puppy with a LOT of noise). Bertie now respects the cat, and Lu has adopted the puppy as one of his dogs.

He also grabs Jacks' tail - and that's where I have to jump in and tell him "no-no".

He already respects the "no" and knows "spit". <- Very important first things.

I'm getting ready to train both dogs again... Jacks I want to get some jumps in. And pup just needs to do another round of sits/downs/comes/walk nice/play retrieves.

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