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Originally Posted by DanaRuns View Post
I found that reputable Golden breeders are a backward lot. When I was looking, I got a MUCH better response when I made phone calls as opposed to emails. Some breeders who never responded to multiple emails were right on top of it with a phone call.

Besides, every breeder is going to want to talk with you anyway to check you out, so giving them a phone call allows that to happen right up front -- an advantage for you and them.

So, try giving them a call! If there are no phone numbers on their websites, ask around here or at a dog show. Everybody knows everybody in the community.
It seems as though all but 1 of the breeders I've emailed do NOT list phone numbers on their websites, so if anyone has any phone contact information at all I would greatly appreciate it! I would love to get the ball rolling .

I appreciate the reply!!

Originally Posted by K9-Design View Post
Wonderland (the Ganks) just had a big litter and have another on the way. They would be my first suggestion. Lakewood is excellent, and Ann Rowe (Magik Goldens) is great too.

No matter where you go, make sure BOTH parents have OFA hip, elbow, heart and eye clearances listed when you search their registered name or number on Orthopedic Foundation for Animals

If all four do not show up, then pass.

If a breeder with multiple litters a year cannot afford or be bothered with sending their clearances into OFA so they can be searched and verified by a third party, that is pretty crappy for their puppy buyers, their reputation and the breed as a whole. Don't take "I'll show you the clearances when you get here" or "you'll get the copies in your puppy booklet" as the right answer on this.
I appreciate the suggestion! Great to hear about them having a big liter and I'm going to check them out immediately! I have emailed Lakewood (their contact me button was not working for some reason but I was able to figure out a way around it), so I am awaiting a reply from them.

Originally Posted by Finn's Fan View Post
Chris, you might want to find out where all these dog shows are currently going on and go attend a couple. Take a look at the various breeders' dogs that have been recommended to you. You might even be able to meet some of the breeders at these shows and let them know you will be calling to discuss getting on a waiting list. Nothing like some face time to see what dogs you might be interested in!
Thank you! I definitely am interested in doing this! Does anyone have any information on the shows? I'm in Miami but would be willing to drive depending on the date and time.
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As a matter of fact, does anyone have a contact phone number for Wonderland? It seems as though they are my best bet! I greatly appreciate it .
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Have you filled out the puppy application form on the website for Wonderland? I have found if you just email but don't "follow directions" you may may not get a reply.
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Originally Posted by ChrisGTR View Post
As a matter of fact, does anyone have a contact phone number for Wonderland? It seems as though they are my best bet! I greatly appreciate it .
The shows are in Ocala, so a bit a ways from you. The ganks were there last weekend, but not sure about this weekend. I know Debbie with snowbird will be there also. There are some shows in Lakeland coming up in a few weeks.

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Here is a link to AKC's Florida conformation event calendar.
If you see one you want to go to, find the superintendent column and go to their website. About a week -week and a half befor the show, the superintendent will post the number of Goldens entered, the time they will show and what ring. You don't want to make a drive just to find out you missed the Goldens. Here in AZ we always eek to be in the 8:00-9:45, early range
If you, like to travel you might be able to make a weekend of it. Since, the Goldens showing will probably only take between 15min-2hours to show, you may want to have plans to use the rest of your day if you are going to make a drive.

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Hi! The next closest show to you will be March in West Palm Beach.

If you want to email me I can give you the Gank's phone number (my email is anney@k9-design.com). Most people don't put phone numbers on their websites, for obvious reasons!!!

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Golden Breeders Resource

Here are some other FL breeders- some I know and are great, some I have heard of but other people need to vet them for you and give their thumbs up or not.

Questan Golden Retrievers
Julie Kielts
Palm Harbor, FL USA

Saffire Goldens
Sheree Melhuish & Haley Whitcomb
Bradenton, FL USA 34212

Amberwood Goldens
Robin Donahey
Davenport, FL USA 33836
(863) 422-9202

Blazinlake Goldens
Glenn Crawford
Lake Worth, FL USA 33467
(561) 602-7686

Bridgeton Goldens
Nancy Clinchy
Navarre, FL USA

Calypso Golden Retrievers
Terrie Pennington
Davie, FL USA

Fallchase Golden Retrievers
Barbara A. Tucker
Sanford, FL USA 32771

Gemini Goldens
Cindi Metcalf
Cocoa, FL USA 32926
Limegroves @aol.com

KaraGold Goldens
Karen & Pat Brady
Brandon, FL USA 33509-2043

Lakewood Goldens
Paula Veibl
Melbourne, FL USA
(321) 480-4442

Topbrass Goldens
Jackie Mertens
Elgin, FL USA 32340
850-929-7502 cell 847-494-4227

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Hi! I have a Jeter, Eagleridge Stormy Pt's Knockin Them Out The Park, daughter (born 2/14/2011).

She is an AMAZING girl!! Best temperament ever and her willingness to please is outstanding, as well as her desire to train. She picks up on stuff so fast. She received her Canine Good Citizen at 6 months, and Rally Novice at 18 months or so (could've been sooner, but I am new to all this stuff too, and I slowed her up). She is about to be certified as a Therapy Dog...before 2 years of age! Bella has passed her CERF with no breeders options, and passed her Heart. Will be doing hips and elbows when 2 this year.

Having said all that, she was out of a different Dam, with Good hips. I was green, too, like you, at knowing what all this meant. OFA's, Hips, Eyes, CERF, Normal, Fair, Excellent, Pedigrees, Clearances, 5-generations, COI, etc, etc. My head spun!!! It takes a good deal of time to figure this all out, but you've come to the right place! There are some very experienced people on this forum!! I knew about clearances, just didn't know any more than the minimum. I've learned a ton in the last 2 years since getting Bella, both on this forum, as well as through all the breeder friends I've met along the way.

Good luck in your search!! Consider joining a local Golden Retriever club in your area and get to know some knowledgeable people that can mentor you and help you get the best puppy possible for your needs.


Bumble B My Valentine Shenanigans CGC, CCA, RN ~ Bella's k9data:
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RE: Eagle Ridge Golden Retrievers.
I am getting one of their puppies (March 26th) that were born Jan. 29th. I searched for a looooong time. Their pups have been chosen to be in some Disney movies, one was champion dog in the Euchaniba (sorry about the spelling) last year. I also live in Florida and it's difficult to find one here. I went to SEE the new pups about 4 days ago so now have more of an idea about them. They have a REALLY big place for dogs (and it's beautiful). They have 38 dogs total. All but two are goldens. Those two are Swiss Mountain dogs (make the goldens look small. lol) The place is very clean, no smells and they are watchful of them all. There were three litters! My dog's mother is Savannah. I also met the father. Pups look healthy & adorable. There was one litter that was lagging a bit behind because it was the mother's first litter & there was some shortage of protein in her milk (I didn't understand this). Sometimes things happen with first litters (as I understood it in layman's language). There was a place for puppies a little older that were training for show one day (adorable). There was never a growl, just happy dogs everywhere. There's a lady their named Josie who takes care of things & she was wonderful. We got to play with the puppies a bit and they're adorable. My husband asked all the questions about health, they guarantee them for 2 years with 80% refund policy so it sounds good enough to me. I'm new at this too. I've wanted others (but they're much farther away) and this seemed to be the best I could find here. Hope this helps.
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Sounds like a lot of dogs and a lot of litters at once... Jeter is a very handsome dog. Neither of his parents have any clearances listed on OFA. On k9 data, there is a Penn Hip # for his sire, but no DI's or percentiles, so the number is meaningless. His mother has nothing listed on OFA or k9 data. These are questions to ask the breeder.

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