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Some Basic Questions

Hi! I'm new to this forum:-)

We are just about to start searching for our first Golden. I've had dogs in the past so I do know how to obtain the proper health clearance etc, so I am just asking appearance questions in this post
I hope my questions don't sound silly with obvious answers-but I want to educate myself somewhat on certain attributes and how to tell how a puppy will look as an adult.

1)I'm sure it's not an exact science, but is there a way to tell if the puppy will keep its block head as an adult? Basically, am I looking at the width of the entire head only or also how broad the nose is, how spread apart the eyes are etc:-) I, of course, can look at two Goldens and know whose head is bigger, but how do I know if it will look blocky as an adult?

2)Also, do all retrievers' noses change color overtime or in the winter?

3)I"ve never had a male dog in the past-in my search so far the males look stockier, is this the case? Should I be concerned that a male will mark-or does neutering him eliminate the chance?
Thank you for anyone who can answer!
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If you've been reading here you know those health clearances really are the most important thing to check on. Hopefully some of the breeders will respond to your question but I'd say the best way to get an idea of what a pup will look like is to visit the breeder and see the mother and (at least pictures of ) the father. Not all retrievers noses change color overtime. Some retain dark pigment and many of those fade some in the winter and darken again in warmer weather. According to the breed standard males(65 - 75 lbs) are supposed to be larger than females (55-65 lbs.) and are somewhat taller. Their heads tend to be broader. As to marking, we never had a problem with our male who was neutered.

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Not to be nit picky, so first, welcome to the forum... But temperament should be first and foremost coupled with OFA hip, elbow, heart, and current CERF eye clearances... And I cringe when people ask if my pups have a block head. The Golden retreiver standard does not call for such. They should not look like furry blonde rottweilers. Some Goldens get a snow nose, a nose that lightens in Winter.. Some just get a nose that fades to pink... You can have both in any given litter... Males have a different look, but if you neuter them young, the look is rangy and less "built". My two neutered boys are not markers and very clean in the house....

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Broad in skull, slightly arched laterally and longitudinally without prominence of frontal bones (forehead) or occipital bones. Stop well defined but not abrupt. Foreface deep and wide, nearly as long as skull. Muzzle straight in profile, blending smooth and strongly into skull; when viewed in profile or from above, slightly deeper and wider at stop than at tip. No heaviness in flews. Removal of whiskers is permitted but not preferred. Eyes friendly and intelligent in expression, medium large with dark, close-fitting rims, set well apart and reasonably deep in sockets. Color preferably dark brown; medium brown acceptable. Slant eyes and narrow, triangular eyes detract from correct expression and are to be faulted. No white or haw visible when looking straight ahead. Dogs showing evidence of functional abnormality of eyelids or eyelashes (such as, but not limited to, trichiasis, entropion, ectropion, or distichiasis) are to be excused from the ring. Ears rather short with front edge attached well behind and just above the eye and falling close to cheek. When pulled forward, tip of ear should just cover the eye. Low, hound-like ear set to be faulted. Nose black or brownish black, though fading to a lighter shade in cold weather not serious. Pink nose or one seriously lacking in pigmentation to be faulted. Teeth scissors bite, in which the outer side of the lower incisors touches the inner side of the upper incisors. Undershot or overshot bite is a disqualification. Misalignment of teeth (irregular placement of incisors) or a level bite (incisors meet each other edge to edge) is undesirable, but not to be confused with undershot or overshot. Full dentition. Obvious gaps are serious faults.
Took this from the AKC breed standard page. Yes goldens should have a broader head I have noticed that field goldens tend to have narrower heads than show goldens.
My boy is 18mos and doesnt mark he is un-neutered and lives in a house with an unspayed lab and another intact male and I dont have issues with any of them.
I do think that temperament should be your first priority over head size tho.
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Puppies will look like their parents for the most part so if you like the parents' heads, then you will like the puppies.
Not all golden's lose their nose pigment. It tends to be genetic.
Marking in the house is poor housebreaking/training, not hormones.

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How exciting!

Look for clearances and good temperament first and then go for what it is YOU like your dog to look like by looking at the parents and their parents.

My boy is very narrow and has poor pigment, and looks nothing like his dad's "blocky" line, so sometimes you can get a surprise too!

Are you hoping to show your dog or do performance? Cause then there may some specific lines/breeders you might want to look into.

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Thank you for your answers! And, don't worry-I will absolutely look for temperment and health first. Temperment and health are most important to me-but I've had dogs in the past, so I am more confident in what to look for in those areas.
I'm noticing a huge range in price.....I know you "get what you pay for"-but it also seems like some people may be asking too much! Is there a general price range or does it vary greatly? I've seen anywhere from $900-$3500!!! I'm wary of both the low end and the high end of about $2000 normal?
I live in PA if anyone has any breeder suggestions.
Thank you.
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There are wonderful breeders in Pa, are you in the east or the west side of the state? $900 is the low end of the reputable breeder spectrum, but they really exist (maybe more in the west side of PA). I think anything over $2000 is too much. I don't mean to insult anyone, but many times it isn't you get what you pay for since many not so reputable breeders will charge excessive amounts to trap people who do believe you get what you pay for. This especially seems to be true of people on the "English Creme" bandwagon.

My suggestion is to fall in love with the breeder and then pay what ever they charge.

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I am not sure about out East I paid $800 for my boy he has a great pedigree lots of field champions in his line and that is what I was looking for. My breeder is also great I talk to her alot.
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Thank you....I live on the east side of the state....near Philly.
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