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Christmas-tis the season to ruin someone's home?

OK, we all love parties, right? We love having people over, serving delicious food, and we love being able to relax with our guests and catch up on each other's lives. Unless........?

Here's mine. We had people from my husband's department over on New Year's Day. One couple brought their 5 1/2 yr old hellion twin boys. The boys took the paper and foam plates, broke them into pieces and threw them on the floor. They took the serving spoons and smashed the foods. They emptied dried floral/seed pod decorations out of their containers onto the table tops. They ran for HOURS across the kitchen floor and then jumped down three stairs into the living room-leaving shoe marks all over the floors (which we had specially polished for the party). Their mother gave them zip lock sandwich bags with a few pieces of ice in them (after one boy pinched his finger while banging open and shut the ice chest) which the boys then bit into and then dribbled the water all over the floors. They then cried that they had no more ice so mom made them each a bigger bag of ice which they carried around until it was all melted then one boy threw the bag of water at the guests' feet and it broke open and there was a full cup of water on their feet, our hardwood floor and the sofa. Mom and Dad did nothing-the guests cleaned up the water. This was about 3 hours into the party.
At this point I moved near the boys and began giving them positive instructions (they took all the pillows off the sofas and began throwing them-I asked them to move the pillows slowly. They pulled a table topper off the coffee table and threw it on the floor so I asked them to put it back on the coffee table).
At this point Mom stated they were tired and need to go home.
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You are a much better woman than I am! If mom didn't stop it I would have myself, then I would have made them clean it up. Children, ALL children are expected to behave in my house. Non-negotiable

Sorry you went through that.
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I work at an elementary school and have no problem correcting other people's children. If they don't like it, they can leave.

Next year, make it clear that it is an adults only party.
And I would have no qualms about asking them to pay for any damage.
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I had a family like that come to meet the dogs so they could get on the list for a flat coat puppy. They banged on the bird cage, chased my cuinn around... was defiant to hte parents, then the parents argued about what the kids should be allowed to do and I kept waiting for hte parents to rein them in and it never happened. They were running around the house, jumping up on things... etc etc .... the father told me that Meghan (my FCR that I had bred ) was aggressive because she bared her teeth at him... (Meghan used to smile these big toothy smiles, all the while wagging so hard she could hardly stand) finally they left and I bid them farewell....

A few weeks later I got a phone call asking if we had puppies yet and what weekend they would be going home so they could plan on coming to get their puppy... and I was absolutely dumbfounded... not a chance in he** was a puppy of mine going to that house to be terrorized by the brats....

You are better than I am... I would have asked them to control the kids or leave...

Shalva and the Milbrose Retrievers and Irish Wolfhound
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Wow! The nerve of some people. I'm with BajaOklahoma next year it would be adults only.

A few years back when my daughter was turning 5 we had her a huge birthday party. One of the mothers that was here loaded her daughters plate with food. The kid thru a fit because she wanted to go play and not eat. The mother insisted she eat everything on the plate. The kid came in a few minutes later with an empty paper plate. She was then allowed to go play. Three or four days after the party I found a ladybug cupcake, icecream, potato chips and dip stuffed underneath my couch cushion in my sunroom. Ten years later and I'm still ticked off about it. Never mentioned it though. Just never invited them back. lol.
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I would never let my kids behave that way. My parents would have ended my life if I had behaved that way. I wasn't as harsh, we just left..the boys had 1 warning and were made to apologize if they misbehaved....
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I'm a mom of twins (the girls will be 5 this month). I am always surprised at how many other twin moms like to pull the " know how twins are" card.

Yes. yes I do. They are still children that need to learn manners. I am so sorry that this happened to you. When I come across children like that I tell my husband "thank goodness we are not going home with them".

I also think as more technology is introduced (ie ipad/tv used a babysitter) and the less time parents actually spend with their child/children bad behavior and lack of manners will only get worse.
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I hadn't invited this couple to my home (actually, it is the couple and the grandmother who came---so there were THREE adults who didn't seem to think the boys' behaviors were a problem!) in over a year because the last time I invited them, they exhibited similar bad behavior. I hoped by maturing a year, they would have been more controlled.
I just wonder how often this family is invited back anywhere.
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I have no problem telling kids the rules in my home. It was a source of conflict when my husband and I first got together - he thought the parents should be the ones to say what the kids could and couldn't do, and I insisted that it was our house, our rules, and I didn't care what the parents allowed at home. He finally saw the light when they announced that it was going to be so much fun coloring on the walls in Grandpa's new house! Umm, no.

I admire your restraint, I would have asked them to leave really fast!
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The children in my preschool class are pretty well behaved because they know it is expected of them. However when their parents walk in the room for pick up or at family events all hell often breaks loose because they children know they can get away with it. I can't believe the things children get away with these days. I've walked out of work to see a patent who picked up her 2-3 year old thirty minutes earlier still in the parking lot trying to bribe her child with juice boxes and snack to get in the car! I've babysat and have been told that I can ask the 3 year old child if he wants to take a bath but that he will probably say no and that's why he hasn't had a bath in 6 days! Who is in charge in these families? I swear if I have children they are going to hate me!
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