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Originally Posted by klynn5021 View Post
Hugs right back to you! and Thank you for the sweet post. I could possibly look into working something out to get a part time job but I just dont know if I could handle it, I have so much going on in my life at this point!
I get it. And sometimes you end up juggling 15 balls when you really should only be juggling 10. It might work as a temp solution until something more permanent comes about.

No judgement, just anecdotes. When I was 19, I worked full-time (b/c my mom billed me for rent and utilities), went to college full time and even worked as a clown (omg yes you heard that right *shudder*) on the weekends for parties and gigs to help make ends meet. When I was 20, my mom kicked me out and my expenses tripled since I was living on my own, still going to school full time at night and working full time during the day. It was hard. Very hard. I barely saw my friends or family I wasn't eating healthy (ramen noodles for the win?) but it got me through. At 22 my now-husband was unemployed for a year, so I had to stretch my small paycheck to take care of two adults and two cats. There were days I thought I would scream and never stop for the frustration of our lives, but we hung in there. A lot of expenses had to be cut. No home phone. No cable. No parties/clubs/going out. Our monthly food budget was very carefully spent.

If there is a will, gosh darn it, there will be a way.

(Ps I'm very stubborn, lol!!! So that could also be a factor.)

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Ohiomom9977 (01-18-2013)
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Originally Posted by klynn5021 View Post
Thank you. The problem is, we are not considered low income. My dad is self employed and when times are good, we make good money. times have just been so bad lately so thats why we dont have money. My dad makes well over enough a year so I dont think we could qualify.
Yes.. My thoughts on this were confirmed. We would definintely not qualify.

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What have your parents said about it? Like I said I think it's an awfully big decision for a 17 year old to make on their own...

Also, like we've said, as you did as well, that getting rid of one cat will likely not make a difference in your financial situation. Although it sounds like this cat does like to eat, the cost that you will save on food and litter will not add up to a significant amount of money in your family's bank account and will likely not even cover the cost of one bill.

If the reason is more that you have not bonded with the cat and frankly, don't care for it, if it's bad enough that no one really gives the cat attention, then yes, maybe a loving forever home would be better where the cat would be able to get more attention and where it can bond with someone. Although I don't like to advocate giving up animals, giving it a loving forever home may be more beneficial for the cat if no one in your house really cares of it and therefore doesn't pay attention to it.

I can hear that you are doing the best that you can given your circumstances, but I also think it's a lot of responsibility for you to handle on your own, and I just hope that there are other family members that are helping you with this tough decision.
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IMHO - since you are saying that this is a temporary financial situation and since one cat less will not save you more than $3/month in food (you still have to get the litter for the others) I would not do it. Unless you do not love the cat (which that seems the situation) and if that is the case than I feel like it is your duty to find her a good forever home.

I would certainly check into any vets and a weekend job in your area (even if it is just shoveling snow, pulling weeds etc) to make the monies to get her spayed.

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Originally Posted by klynn5021 View Post
Do you live where I live? Most likely not. And no, local shelters do not offer low cost spay/either or shots or any veterinary services at that matter. If you don't believe me I can link you to my local shelter and show you, its under the shelter Q&A page and they directly state that they do NOT offer any veterinary care at all.

Not sure where in Wisconsin you live, but I live between Milwaukee and Madison and our local shelter does low cost spay/neuter...I think Madison does too....again not sure where you live, but perhaps if near a bigger city you could ask them...Just a suggestion!!!!
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Originally Posted by klynn5021 View Post
Thank you. The problem is, we are not considered low income. My dad is self employed and when times are good, we make good money. times have just been so bad lately so thats why we dont have money. My dad makes well over enough a year so I dont think we could qualify.
I would check it out nevertheless and talk to somebody there. Call them up or meet them and describe the situation fully. The odds are they should have suggestions on where you can go to get these cats spayed and neutered.

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Mayve (01-02-2013)
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I would call the local, or not so local, food pantry. Our local food pantry has carried pet food as well as people food. And we now have a regional Pet Food that covers 8+ counties.

It is amazing what you can cut back on when the need arises.
When my parents divorced, back in the day when only movie stars got divorced, money was very tight. My mother went back to work fulltime. On the weekends, my mother, brother and I cleaned the office for the extra money. I had school shoes and church shoes and all of my clothes were homemade. We always took our lunch to school. Until I was much older, I had no idea how tight money was for us. We even took care of the neighborhood dog, paying for vet care.
When the oil field crash hit in 82, we were 5 months away from my husband selling his part of the company and retiring (he wasn't even 30). We spent several months living on what I made in my part-time job. We cut out anything that wasn't an absolute necessity - cable, eating out, shopping. I was/am very proud of how we managed to adapt - with three big dogs and two toddlers. Giving up my dogs was never up for consideration.

I understand where you are coming from, glad you are looking for input and possible resources. It will get better.
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I may be wrong, but a more significant issue than the amount it costs to feed the one cat, is the fact that the OP just doesn't care for this particular cat.
If she can find someone who really clicks with the kitty, who wants it, then I would say go ahead and let the cat have a new home.
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Originally Posted by klynn5021 View Post
. I know it might not cut back cost all that much but honestly we are using money we dont have most of the time, so if it might I wouldbnt have to go buy cat food as often or litter as often, that would help. And she is always eating, she rips open the bags of food even though I fill the bowl (its a small bowl) morning and night!
I have 10 cats. I buy 1-15 lb bag of Taste of the Wild cat food ($24.99) and 1- 18 lb bag of 4Health (no corn, by products, or other nastiness, from Tractor Supply) for $21.99. Total with tax for this is $49.79. I put a half cup measured scoop in each of their bowls every day. So, to feed TEN cats, a month, it costs me $4.97 per cat.
That being said, no, I don't think you have a reason to rehome your cat.

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Originally Posted by klynn5021 View Post
First of, I want to say that I totally understand that animals aren't toys that can be given away when you don't want them anymore. I had my Golden Retriever his whole life and I have three cats, one of which I've had since kitten hood and he is now about 8. I have two other cats, who I've also had since kittens. I'm telling you this because I have never made it a habit to get rid of my animals, no matter what happens. But I am 17, living under my parents roof and we are in terrible financial standings. We don't have money. And when we do, it goes to make up for the past due bills. We have our Golden and a Cocker, and 3 cats. Two of my cats I couldnt imagine my life without so I would never get rid of them. But the third cat I have just never connected with. She doesn't like me, in fact she has bitten me several times. I would never wish anything bad to happen to her but in my eyes she is just another mouth to feed. And with us not having the money right now, and with the cats eating as much as they do (we go through about a 3 lb. Bag a week) I'm really considering rehoming her. I feel bad because I brought her home but my parents pay for food and right now the last thing I want them to have to worry about is feeding my animal.
I am so sorry that you are in this predicament. It must be an ordeal for you and heartbrakingto say the least. I agree with the others that say that you should keep your cat.

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