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What are your dog owner pet peeves?

I thought that this would be another interesting topic to discuss.. Im not sure if im phrasing this right, but im thinking about when you go to someone elses house or are generally just around someone and there dog and the owner lets the dog do something that bugs you. For instance, mine would be when I go to someones house or meet someones dog for the first time and the owner lets the dog jump on me. Hello! So rude. I understand if it happens once and the owner tries to correct it, because hey we've all had those moments. But when the owner is just letting it happen, thats when its a pet peeve. Another one of mine is, when people let there dogs beg around me. Ughhh. Its like nails on a chalkboard to me. I dont want your dogs stinky breath in my face while im trying to eat at your house! ha ha. And I sure as heck know that if we are having guests over, the dogs either get crated or put in a seperate room because they do beg and I know I dont like it when i go to someones house and their dog is begging. What are yours?

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I just was at my friends house and her dog kept trying to hump me! She would tell him to stop every time but she never crated him or put him in another room and the dog literally wouldn't leave me alone, so much so that he kept jumping on me when I was sitting on the couch and my new sweater became really stretched out from his claws. I went over again shortly after and she was having a neighborhood block party and she let that particular dog run loose, and the dog was humping every single dog that he would see and you could tell the other owners were getting upset, rightfully so. Needless to say, I won't be introducing my dog to hers.

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I don't like it when people treat their dogs like humans rather than dogs or assume dogs think like us. I think that is the cause a lot of problems.

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My #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, etc. is dogs jumping on me. It is NOT cute, it hurts. I agree, I can see it happening once but then PLEASE get your dog under control and get him/her off of me.
#10, #11, #12, etc. is also dogs begging while I'm eating. If your dog insists on sitting there pawing at my leg, breathing in my face with his/her face 6 inches from mine, please put your dog someplace else.
I know I probably sound really grumpy, but both of those things really really annoy me.

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Constant licking. Usually smaller dogs, but so annoying because they usually have bad breath also.

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My pup is only young and he gets his food after we have eaten in his bowl. We recently had visitors and i asked them not to give him scraps/human food if he begs and to ignore him. If they wanted to give him left over meat etc wait till we have eaten and then give to him in his bowl or for a trick.
His training was going well and he would sit in his bed and wait to get something but now he is begging and becoming a pain as they gave him crisps and things! annoying
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The 'love me, love my dog' mindset. I love you but your ill-mannered dog is a different story. Yes, I get it, that it's your dog's home, not mine, but please, if you're gong to entertain either teach your dog some manners or crate them while I'm visiting.

I don't appreciate your dog's head in my lap while eating dinner or while attempting to enjoy conversation in the livingroom. I don't appreciate your dog eyeing my hors d' oeuvre plate or scrambling under my feet for a tidbit that might have dropped.

I guess I'm sounding pretty grumpy here, but some people are clueless. When we entertain, our dog is gated in the laundry room. I freeze Kongs ahead of time and buy a new, interesting bone or toy just for the occasion to keep him occupied.


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Mine would have to be people who walk their dog / dogs off lead and have absolutely no control over them.


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For me it is the folks with the string type retractable leashes that do not know how to use them with their dogs. I'm sure many of you know feeling of having to untangle yourselves and your dogs from those things.

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My two pet peeves have already been mentioned:

1. People who walk their dogs off lead in neighborhoods with leash laws who charge and say "Oh, my dog is friendly" as it approaches growling and snarling. I usually announce, " Well my dog isn't friendly and you better get your dog right now" (it's a fib, but why do I want to subject my dog to a threat!) To those people, even if your dog is friendly- what makes you think I want to be friendly to your dog after they knock me over by hitting me in the knees.

2. People who use retractable leads and don't know how to retract them.

I'll add one:

3. People who do the fake poop scoop. We have a poop scoop ordinance here and it's for a reason! You aren't fooling anyone!

4. People who let their dogs out in their front yard to do business and go back in the house to do their thing, leaving the dog out front to harrass others walking by. Better yet, they sit on the porch on their big rear ends while their yipper snapper is attacking my dog's legs. I am not too polite in what I tell these people.

Since it is Thanksgiving, I'll add what I appreciate- people who are friendly and ask if it is okay to greet your dog. I also appreciate people with young children who ask first, then instruct their children how to greet properly and get down with their child as I bend down with the dog myself to keep things under control. I also appreciate people walking dogs on lead who will cross the street when they see another dog walker they don't know to avoid potential dog on dog confrontations.
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