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Awesome idea!!!!.

Name – Lilliam
Location – Mid-Atlantic
Age - 55
Occupation – IT - systems integration and related contracts for U.S. Federal Government
Educational background – Industrial Psych UCLA PMP Georgetown U.
Attachment - Radar technician, Liverpool, UK....long distance relationship sucks but I'm not moving and he can' it is what it is for now
Hobbies – animals, tech, gardening, music
Pets- Max (2 and a half yr old GR) Billy (10 and a half year old border collie), Toby (10 yr old ginger cat), Sheba (diluted calico kitty age unknown, found in desert half starved), Mocha ferret and Gracie ferret, both five years old, Finn ferret, rescue age unknown, Brigid ferret, rescue age unknown
Favourite Thing to Do with your Golden(s): EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!
#1 Item on your bucket list: Rehab this old house

I’ve been a member of this forum since April 2010
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Beware of Nestle Purina
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Name- Jaime

Location- Hunterdon County, NJ, USA

Age- 27 (soon to be 28 before the end of Nov.)

Occupation- Registered Nurse- I work in a Hospital on a Neuro-Orthopedic floor with Med-Surg. mixed in. I am certified in Developmental Disabilities and Orthopedist.

Educational Background- Bachalours Degree in Nursing and maybe going for Masters as a Family Nurse Practioner in the next year or so!

Attachment- Single

Hobbies- Reading, Hiking, Rescue and Advocacy work, Watching movies- If the furbutts can go count me in

Pets- 3 yorkies- Cozy (6 years old- Mama to the others- Alpha of the dogs), Roxy (4 year old spit fire yorkie), Lucy (3 years old- Cuddler). Golden- Buddy 3 years old- CGC and TDI- Rescue. Cats- Mika (14 year old Maine coon- Rules with an iron paw) & Tallulah (12 year old Rescued Maine Coon mix- BFF with Buddy- She loves when he nibbles on her neck!)

Favorite Thing to do With My Golden- Goldstock was the best thing is year! Buddy loves long walks anyplace as long as he has him mama, the dog park, and the puppy candy store!

#1 Item in My Bucket List- Give my mother a grandchild so she leaves me alone about it

I would love to visit so many places including Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, Alaska.

Been a Member Since- 2006 but took a few year break! Life got in the way!

I do what I like and like what I do. Yorkies- Cozy (4/1/06), Roxy & Zoey (2/11/08), Lucy (4/6/09); Golden- Buddy (4/13/09- Rescued 12/11) Maine Coon cats- Mika (1998) and Tallulah (2000)
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Name - Barb
Location – Clearwater, FL
Age - 50
Occupation – Legal Secretary and part-time business owner of a business that sells dog products at various events, although with the economy going the way it is we are thinking of not doing it for a while and focus on some other things.
Attachment – Married to my best friend for 13 years, but together for 25 years.
Hobbies – Dog training, camping and reading
Pets- Jesse our almost 15 year old Golden mix and Tayla our soon to be year old Golden. We recently lost Cheyenne our 15 year old Aussie/BC mix to a brain tumor
Favorite Thing to Do with your Golden(s): Going on walks, training for K9 Nose Work, playing with Tayla in the water.
Travel – We love to go camping at Disney’s Fort Wilderness because it is close to home and we can take the dogs. Someday we would love to travel to Scotland, but if that doesn’t happen we would love to take a couple weeks and visit Nova Scotia.

Addition: What brought you to this Forum: I was having so many problems with Tayla's biting (super agressive mouthing). I had friends who had GR and apparently their dogs were born perfect. They thought it was something we were doing wrong since they had never heard of this kind of thing before and they certainly they had never experienced it. So one friend said if I just followed Cesar Milan and did x, y and Z she would be a good dog in no time at all. She trains dogs at our local club so she should know. She was very disappointed in me because I wasn't following her suggestions. Everyone else told me so many crappy things that I just wondered if anyone else ever had a golden that crinkled up their nose and snapped and bit. I hired a behaviorist/trainer and was assured that Tayla wasn't agressive and should try only positive reinforcement and then I found this forum at the same time and so many kindered soles. I kept my sanity after that and have worked harder than I've ever worked before with a dog and we are seening the fruits of our labor.

Barb, Rick, "Tayla" Ruff Start Hot On The Trail (STAR Puppy) (Born 11/11, Gotcha 3/12) and "Lily" Stargazer's Make It So, CGC (Gotcha 12/21/13)

Cheyenne (CGC) and Jesse (CGC) who will be always loved and never forgotten.

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aka Amanda
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This is a great idea!

Name – Amanda

Location – southern Maryland

Age - 24

Occupation – US Navy contractor working in Foreign Military Sales.

Educational background – BA in Communication from the University of Maryland - go Terps!

Attachment - Taken My boyfriend and I have been dating for 2.5 years and recently puurchased our first home together. Now if I could just get that ring LOL!

Hobbies – We are constantly on the water: fishing, boating, swimming (during those two weeks in May when the water is warm but the jellyfish haven't realized it yet). We also dabble in trail biking, jogging, and hiking. We are huge Terps/Redskins/Caps fans, and love attending games when we can.

Pets - I have two rescue cats. Jinx is all black and about 2 years old, Toby is the baby at about 10 months. We are bringing home our golden boy on Dec 22nd

Favourite Thing to Do with your Golden(s): Nothing yet, but we are so looking forward to meeting him soon! I think the biggest thing we're looking forward to is just incorporating him into our lives as a family member. We're also excited about having another fishing buddy!

#1 Item on your bucket list: Travel more! I am very lucky to work in a field that potentially allows me to travel all over the world on business, but I'd like to do more personal travel as well.
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Originally Posted by MikaTallulah View Post

#1 Item in My Bucket List- Give my mother a grandchild so she leaves me alone about it
Lol...I can soooo relate to this!! Too funny!

Kelli and the crew!
Remi-CH Lakewood's Gonna B A Rockstar CGC JH
Cannon-CH Lakewood's Bringin Out Da Big Guns RN JH
KC-Rhythm's Dat's The Way I Like It JH (CH ptd)
Hush-Rhythm's Flyin Under the Radar (CH ptd)
Salsa-Rhythm's All The Right Moves
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MikaTallulah (11-22-2012)
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I'll play.

Name – Kate
Location – MI Forever.
Age - Young enough to run, old enough to feel grumbly about hips and knees.
Occupation – Office Manager
What kind of person am I - I'm not a chatty cathy and I think I'm technically more of a "listener" than a talker (in person). But I don't want to be a Mr. Darcy and creep around the corners sulking because he doesn't know how to interact with people he has nothing in common with. As I've gotten older, I've somewhat discovered I don't need to have something in common with people to find them interesting.
What I do for fun -

I used to do horse shows (english pleasure/equitation) but now just ride my horse on the trails and hope he keeps his shoes on.

I train my golden for obedience comp and am very into DOING THINGS with my dog. That's either training related or just going out and enjoying seeing him do things he enjoys. You know, even if it's just going out midwinter and hanging out because my dog WANTS to lie in the snow.

I write a lot - because I love writing books. This month is nanowrimo (national novel writing month), which means that people sign up and aim to get 50,000 words of a brand new novel written in 30 days. This is the first year since 2005 that I'm not officially doing it. I got burned out pretty bad last year. >.< I still have 30,000 words of a new novel written, but I absolutely am not doing this for nano. I mean it.

I'm also a crazy bird lady and bred birds in the past. I don't anymore (thank God!). Currently have 6 birds.

And I do various crafty things. I like working with my hands. This means sculpting, knitting, weaving, making christmas ornaments, drawing VERY BADLY. Probably the best time ever was the time I helped my dad build a playhouse for my younger sibs, and I still wish I had the ability and courage to get into building furniture and other things that are really awesome and useful. o_O I'm afraid of electric saws though - watching the movie Walk the Line confirmed all that. I do and have built things with wire and glue though (all my flight cages, etc).

I also love music and play piano.... I was 5 or 6 when I finally talked my mom into letting me have piano lessons. What I was doing was eavesdropping on my older sister's lessons and then practicing their homework on my own. I was DETERMINED (muleheaded).

That same determination let me go to camp a year earlier than normally permitted (a year before swimming lessons). And got me a seat on an amateur plane (it didn't have DOORS!) with my dad and oldest sister. And so forth.
Sports? - None myself (I was a pretty good switch batter and catcher in kiddy league ) But I'm still a very rock solid and only sometimes rabid sports fan. I no longer have to pace and yell at the TV to enjoy a good game. Go Wings, Go Blue, Go Tigers....
Pets - You all know Jacks. Arth (7 y/o rough colllie) hangs out with us every day during the day every day (goes home at night). Lu (our peaches and orange cream kitty). And Meep, Girlie, Greenie, Blue, Coco, and Tangie (all the birds).
Favourite Thing to Do with your Golden(s): Taking him to wide open fields and just letting him run.
#1 Item on your bucket list: I'd like to be invited to the NOI and deserve to go - even if I turn it down because I can't afford the trip. That would be awesome.

<- Me. And yes, I generally DO look that tired.

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Name; Pete

Location; A little cabin in the Sierra Nevada off the banks of the Feather River.

Age; 62

Occupation; Retired

Educational Background; BA in Anthropology

Hobbies; Over the years Mt Biking, Skiing, Photography, Tennis, Horses, a little rodeo, Camping & Backpacking, white water rafting, scuba diving, Upland-bird & Waterfowl hunting, boating and of course Fly Fishing.

Attachment; Still single after all these years...there were three almosts after living together for a time but never tied the knot. But I am very attached to Woody my rescue Golden...the two of us have got a very firm commitment.

Pets; My one and only Woodrow, Woody, my five year old rescue Golden.

Favorite thing to do with your Golden; We do absolutely everything together...I've often said if you've meant me you've meant my golden. Favorite would have to be fly fishing together, we're both in our favorite element!

#1 item on your bucket list; To resolve my back hasn't stopped me but it's sure slowed me down at times.

I thought it might be fun to add "What brought you to this Forum?"

I've been a member since 2009. Woody had just rescued me and I was curious to find out what experienced golden owners thought he might be mixed with. I also wanted to share my loss of Sammie my first Golden. I was so impressed with the warm welcome I received I decided to hang around.


Sonny, the black lab, ran ahead to make sure there were no gophers or jackrabbits in the way. If you don't give a dog a specific job, he'll improvise one for himself and it will invariably be fun. There's a lesson there.

John Gierach
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Name – Wendy
Location – Columbus, Ohio
Age - 57
Occupation – Specialist, IT Application Development. Been in the IT field 30+ yrs. “Old-time” mainframer, now doing Informatica development and tech-lead work.
Educational background – Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance from The University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Yes, did the recitals, accompanied singers and instrumentalists. Post-grad work in Music Education at the Kodaly Musical Training Institute in Watertown, MA, although my student teaching totally cured me of ever wanting to teach! After moving to New York City in 1978, I took some programming courses, and the rest is history!
Where I’ve lived/visited -Born in Baltimore, MD; grew up about 10 years each in CT and MA; college in NC; Boston for 2 years; lived/worked in NYC 12 years; NJ for about 4 years. In Ohio since 1995. I’ve traveled to 22 states, Canada (twice to Montreal & Quebec), Barbados, Bahamas, Cozumel, Jamaica; in 1988 visited the former USSR and Prague for 3 weeks; and for 2 weeks during the summer of 2002 visited Northern Ireland.
Attachment – Been divorced so long now, I consider myself single!
Hobbies – Any dog I have at the moment (right now, it’s Renny!), long walks with Renny of course; the arts (dance, music, art – love it ALL!). I love all kinds of music, especially Classical; watching a good movie; attending indoor or outdoor concerts, ethnic festivals, and art shows; long walks; watching educational shows; reading a good book.
Pets- Renny (GR mix @3 yrs old)
Favorite Thing to Do with your Golden(s): Play ball with him in the backyard. Have only had him for 3 weeks now, so still figuring it out!
#1 Item on your bucket list: Live/travel in England and Wales (my heritage); live near an ocean.

I’ve been a member of this forum since April 2009.

Here I am with Renny:
Attached Images


Maxi, my beautiful girl. Gotcha day 6/5/2014. Birthdate 9/16/2008. Her "new Daddy day" 2/7/2016.
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Name – Jennifer
Location – San Diego, CA
Age - 25
Occupation – Jack of Trades - I currently work at a mortgage company in the pricing department. Previously, I've been in Customer Service for 4 years, I was a staff groomer at a boarding kennel for 3 years and a Vet Assistant for 2 years.
Educational background – None? I graduated in the top 5% of my class in high school. Juggled working full time and going to college full time for about 5 years, have more than enough credits to transfer to a 4 year university, but my transfer applications were denied due to the various school budget cuts (that was 2.5 years ago). My heart was broken but I enjoy not having the stress of school, especially since my current job has me working OT every single day.
Attachment - Married. We just celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary on Halloween. We'll be celebrating our 5th year coming up on the 18th.
Hobbies – Reading, spending time with friends, video games, gardening, movies, horseback riding
Pets- Milo - 11 yr old rescue DSH, blk/wht kitty, Casey - 9 yr old rescue DLH, torti kitty, Bear - 3 month old rescue GR mix, black/brindle
Favourite Thing to Do with your Golden(s): Walking, watching him play and explore - especially through tall grass
#1 Item on your bucket list: Learn to scuba dive, have a few children (and to get my MIL off my back - lol!), finish my degree, start my own business. These are a few that came to mind right away -- I'm sure I have many more.

Hecate's Hellhound, Bearer of Mischief, CGC - "Bear"
Hecate's Hellhound, Gypsy Magic - "Gypsy"
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Thanks: 15,530
Thanked 11,317 Times in 5,622 Posts
Name – Kathleen
Location – San Mateo, Ca (just south of San Francisco)
Age - baby boomer! 62
Occupation – public relations, out of work for about 1.5 years
Educational background – BA, English Lit., UCSB
Attachment -- widowed, raising 17 yo DD
Hobbies – animals, reading, watching TV with DD, raising DD, looking for gainful employment, playing with the dogs, spending lots of time on GRF!
Pets- Tess, Cav King Charles Spaniel (9.5), Tucker, GR (1.5 years), Bella, Gr (1 year)
Favourite Thing to Do with your Golden(s): just about park, beach, pond, swimming, walking in sunshine. Hope to do more training and agility with them in future. I have a bum knee (torn meniscus) that limits me somewhat.
#1 Item on your bucket list: give my daughter a good start in life (she needs to finish high school and get to college), do lots more traveling, find a warm place near water to retire.

Kathleen, mom to one human, age 21, two canines, three cats, and a bunch of fish.

My love bug Bella has cancer
I bought the dogs a ranch, part one
I bought the dogs a ranch, part two
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