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1 RockErin Red River Ruckus *** Red Kent & Judi Carter Judi Carter
2 FC Porjay's CrackerJack Surpriz Lulu Meg Beck Meg Beck
3 Trifecta's Gambler*** Doc "Carol and Robert Lilenfeld, Lisa Kane" Carol Lilenfeld
4 Topbrass Repete Pawsability Pete Wayne & Deb Dorband Wayne Dorband
5 Firemark Hands On The Wheel *** Willie "John Baitinger, Kathy Baitinger" John Baitinger
6 Happydaugh's A Cut Above *** Cutter "Ann Strathern, Jeff Strathern" Ann Strathern
7 Ambertrail's Keepin' The Peace** Perry "Mark Brelsford, Joellyn Brelsford" Mark Brelsford Joellyn Brelsford Roger Fuller
8 Wood Dale's Firemark Golden Star Star Robert Hayden Bob Hayden
9 "Kiowa's A Place In Time, MH" Freeze "Lisa Hartfield, Brian Hartfield" Lisa Hartfield
10 Trifecta's Shag-edelic CD ˇ*** Shag Lydia Rustmann Lydia Rustmann
11 Bro's Counterfeit Folly Jester Gerald Bailey Gerald Bailey
12 Real Gold Rockin' Riley SH Riley Michael Colgan Scott Butler
13 Ruby Redfish Mo's Mountain Gem*** Ruby "Carol Millette-Snodgrass, Gary Snodgrass" Carol Millette- Snodgrass
14 LaCrosse's Running Brooke Brooke "Kaye Fuller, Jeff Buikema" Kaye Fuller
15 Ida Red Glenelm's Baby Boomer *** Buddy Jim & Kathy Pickering Jim Pickering
16 Lacrosse Adirondac Co-Pilot Pilot "Stephen C Low, Sally Low" Stephen C. Low
17 River Bottoms Boone Boone "Andy Whiteley, John Gassner" Bill Cook
18 Glenelm's Glowing Ember Ember Carey Petersen Colin McNicol Carey Petersen
19 Emberain Katherine Katie Bob Rehmet Bob Rehmet
20 FTCH AFTCH Bulrush Yellow Bud Bud Ron Bischke Ron Bischke
21 Ambertrail's Renegade Punch Donna Williams David Williams
22 Happydaug Takn Care'O Biznes MH ˇ*** Bizy "Ann Strathern, Jeff Strathern" Ann Strathern
23 Topbrass Jump Start Firemark Jump Melanie Foster Melanie Foster
24 Millpond's Baby Boomer *** Babe "Jack Stevens, Bev Stevens" Jack Stevens
25 GoldNGuns Rough N Ready Rebel*** JH Rebel Gregg Hornby & Arleen Meyer Hornby Gregg Hornby
26 Topbrass Smooth as Silk Can/Am MH*** Silk Medie Robinson Medie Robinson
27 Jaco's Red Desert Cider *** Cider Gale Mettenbrink Gale Mettenbrink
28 Duso's Supercharged Shelby MH Shelby "Michael Colgan, Teresa Colgan" Scott Butler
29 Sportin' Nitty Gritty *** Ruff Judy Bly Judy Bly
30 KC's Maximum Sentence SH *** Max Roger Fuller Kaye Fuller Roger Fuller
31 Real Gold Wraith Hi-Ki Diva *** Diva Nicholas Staszko Nick Staszko
32 Firemarks Elusive One Lucy "Andy Whiteley, John Gassner" John Gassner
33 Firemark Case Harden Steel Case Sharon harkrider Sharon Harkrider
34 Tiger Maple of Braevue Woody Elizabeth Wilson Elizabeth Wilson
35 Emberain Saint Elias MH ˇ** Elie "Linda L Johnson, Ann Buscherfeld" Paul Johnson Linda Johnson
36 Maverick's West Coast Offense MH ** West "Carol Millette-Snodgrass, Gary Snodgrass" Carol Millette- Snodgrass
37 Wasatch's Blackhorse Redhot *** Chili Jim & Kathy Pickering Jim Pickering
38 Happydaugh's Top Gun MH ˇ*** Maverick "Ann Strathern, Jeff Strathern" Ann Strathern
39 "Celestial Mountain Man, CD, RA, MH **" Bridger "Barbara Branstad, Sandra Whicker" Barb Branstad
40 Firemarks Million Dollar Baby MH Haley Michael Castelli Michael Castelli
41 Ida Red's Atalanta Challenge MH Dash "Gayle Moore, Lanier Fogg" Lanier Fogg
42 Belvedere Million Dollar Dolly Dolly Carma Futhey Carma Futhey
43 FTCH AFTCH Bulrush Shelby Shelby Ron Bischke Ron Bischke
44 Sand Valley's Big Suprize Prize Scott Butler Scott Butler
45 TLC'S Cold Day in Hell MH Chilly "Michael Colgan, Teresa Colgan" Scot Butler
46 Topbrass No Time to Paws Flash Kaye Fuller Kaye Fuller
47 Ambertrail's Life Of Riley*** Riley "Donna Williams, David Williams" David Williams
48 Firemark Prepare for Takeoff UD MH*** Pilot Melanie Foster Melanie Foster

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