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Oh My Goodness! Try to take a deep breath. You really have your hands full with two children and Max!

Just a couple of questions: Do you use a crate? Have you taken Max to any training classes? Have you checked into low-cost neutering programs through your Humane Society?

There is a wealth of information here on GRF. Just search through the Golden Retriever Puppy Section for dogs up to 1 year of age. If you are not crate training, I highly recommend it. Also, look up NILIF (Nothing in Life is Free). You can Google it. Starting today, you may want to stop petting him to keep him from barking. I'm sorry to say that Max has been training you!

If you are willing to spend the time and effort, you can turn this around and you will have the dog you have dreamed of. If you become proactive in Max's training, you will also prevent other unwanted behaviors that may be just around the corner... Coming to this Forum is a great place to start.

You should know, that every time someone new posts here, we're all looking for pictures... So, please, post some soon. We can't wait to see Max and get to know him better!
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