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18yo HATES to crate the puppy, so he doesn't get crate time in the morning. He dozes on one couch and puppy is next to him on the floor. I wish the weather were better so there were more options for getting out. We have 7 acres and they do hike the woods. I'm having him do an experiment today to see how an outing and more play will help our evenings.

I didn't do enough breed research, just knew that Goldens are generally very sweet dogs. I didn't know how smart they were, nor how high-energy. The sire was apparently a mix of Aussie/cocker/lab/chow, so yeah, a lot of high energy in there.

I do not know how people do this...The 5 of us are having issues keeping a 3 month old puppy busy!

Nick says they only nap from 8-9, but it's likely 10, I would bet. He's the one who most wanted the dog and most wants to make this work, so at least he'll be motivated to make changes. We'll see how my experiment goes. What do people do who get a puppy and work all day? I wish we had waited until summer!
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