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Is this boredom, do you think?

I know you all are tired of me and my difficult pup, but we continue to struggle down this road (with the help of a weekly trainer)...

Apollo is 13.5 weeks old now and we have fewer and fewer problems with biting from resource guarding and he is about the sweetest thing 60% of the time.

However (and you knew there had to be a however) he has a couple of periods in the day when he just can't behave himself. He stalks the house just looking for something to steal, chew, dig, jump up on. Our kitchen table is a shambles because everything we own is on it.

Usually this happens when we are done training and playing in the morning after breakfast and after dinner at night. It is often combined with 10 requests to go outside. (he will alternate, outside to roam, inside to stalk, outside to get the picture).

There are 5 of us at home. We all take turns playing with him and we all do several sessions of training a day with him. He is awesomely smart and quick to learn. Slow to obey, however, when we are in real life mode.

He and I did "leave it" umpteen times with a treat and another treat this morning. Then, he decided to dig at a rug. I did "leave it" again with treats for this behavior, ended up moving a chair over the rug so he'd stop.

I don't want a high-maintenance puppy who thinks we need to play with him every second!!!

I have a Kong that I fill for him, he's not really interested.
He has tons of toys and will chew them for the squeak.
He has one real, one fake deer antler and Nylabones.
We are working with him teaching him to retrieve, his attention span lasts for about 5 minutes of this.
I ordered a puzzle/treat toy.
We can't really walk him much because he chews the leash, plays tug, gets really fiesty. My dh is the only one who can handle him. I ordered him a harness today which should help, the trainer says.

Some of us are hand feeding him at different times of the day.

We are somewhat doing "Nothing in life is free" with him, but not 100%, as no one can resist petting his cute head (until he bites you, wanting to play).

He sneaks past a barricade any chance he can get to steal socks from an unguarded room, but gives them up pretty easily for a treat.

We are just exhausted. This starts at 5:30am and continues until 10pm. He's in his crate for about 2 hours in the afternoon when no one is home, but the rest of the time he's right with us (line of sight supervision at all times). I think he naps a lot in the morning, as he's with my 18yo son, who wakes up, then dozes off (He has strict instructions to take the puppy somewhere for socialization today) but I know Nick exercises him in the yard. My other two kids get him out of the crate at 3:40 and he gets more outside time and play, I get home at 4:30 followed by Dh and we do dinner (He's starting to get really annoying then, wanting table food, which we don't give, he's starting to bark at us while we eat). And then the evening goes downhill from there. "Leave it" "Drop it" is just about all you hear until bed time. I bet he gets 100-200 treats a day (sometimes the treats are his kibble, but we also have regular treats and "very special" treats (meat) that we alternate.

I'm at my wits end with this strong-willed guy!!! Dh thinks he'll need a shock collar b/c he won't listen to us in the moment (he listens during training sessions, though).

Not something we'll try anytime soon, though, unless instructed that it is necessary. I know this is a dominant puppy (though the rescue didn't think he was, he weighed 2lbs more than all the other puppies when we picked him up). I know he is smart. I also don't know if we can handle this.
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